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Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense Variety Pack 12 Pack Gift Set Variety 12 pack includes one 15 gram box of each original Satya brand scented incense. Hand-rolled at Satya's facility in Bangalore, India using ancient Agarbatti technique. Incense multi-pack includes 15g...
Satya Nag Champa Incense–12 Pack Variety of Most Popular Scents 15 Grams Each
▪ HAND-HAMMERED TIBETAN SINGING BOWL SET- This singing bowl set includes an authentic 4 inch Tibetan bowl, hand-sewed cushion, and a wooden mallet with suede for a soothing and beautiful sound. ▪ SELF HEALING WITH AN ANCIENT TRADITION- Sound healing with a Tibetan singi...
4" Tibetan Singing Bowl Set, Red Cushion & Wooden Mallet- Meditation Sound Bowl
Item Details Many of today's common illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, or inflammation-related disease, have been linked to stress. After sessions, many clients report a deep sense of tranquility, sleep soundly and feel the effects of the treatment for several d...
Colorful Design Tibetan 3.5" Singing bowl for Yoga, Meditation, Sound healing.
HAND-PAINTED BY ARTISTS at Thamel Mart Design with the most detailed art you have ever seen on any Tibetan singing bowl set; Crafted to perfection for an emotionally calming, healing and long lasting ambient sound SING EASY, RELEASE STRESS Sound healing can be powerful;...
3.75" Tibetan Meditation Yoga mantra Singing Bowl Mallet, Cushion & Hand Bead
Long Tibetan 108 8mm Green Sandalwood Prayer Beads Dharma Wheel Buddhist Yoga Meditation Mala Necklace - two sets of total 6 prayer counters, around 32 inches! Total 108 big green Sandalwood beads (8 mm diameter each) threaded along solid silk cord, for the total length...
Fragrant Long 108 8mm Green Sandalwood Prayer Beads Dharma Wheel Mala Necklace
One of our most popular products, this bundle of 10 white sage smudge sticks is perfect for casual smudgers and enthusiasts alike. Best size: These California White Sage Sticks are perfect for single sessions. No more half burnt smudge sticks to stink up your place! No...
White Organic Sage Smudge Sticks Set of 10 | Bad vibe cleansing
TIBETAN PRAYER FLAGS (LUNGTA) Size: MEDIUM- 25 flags (five sets of five) 15 ft. long.Each Flag: 8 Inches x 8 Inches. FREE SHIPPING! The fabric is dyed with stingy fringes on the edges, this design allows the stings to float away over time carrying your good will and pra...
25 Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags Cotton Made by Tibetan Refugees MEDIUM
Set of 6 Feng Shui Laughing HAPPY Buddha Figures & Statue Luck & Wealth Laughing Buddha is always associated with positive elements. A very popular symbol of happiness, luck, abundance and wealth. Asian people also believe that Buddha is good for Feng Shui----wi...
Set of 6 BRONZE Feng Shui Laughing HAPPY Buddha Figures & Statue Luck 2"
This listing is for a set of Sacred Geometry Rainbow color Prayer Flags for positive Energy. There are seven different sacred Geometry patterns including a saying by Carl Sagan "For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love". The pa...
Sacred Geometry Prayer Flags Positive Energy Shri Yantra flower of life, 6X8"
word beads. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class.
word beads
Nice addition to your collection from the Past Items we sell are old and may have scratches, dents, pitted, discoloration, and chips, Rust and overall wear and tear, I DO NOT CLEAN ITEMS, GLARE OR SHINE CAN BE CAUSED BY CAMERA FLASH Any questions please feel free to ask...
Antique Asian Chinese Nepal Tibet Hammered Copper Buddha God GODDESS PICTURE
文玩四件套装 12x11mm Rudraksha Bracelet 盘龙小单圈 .20×19×18mm Small walnut Bracelet 小秋子手串 34×32×30mm Chinese walnut 野生麻核桃一对 31+28×29mm Hedgehong walnut 元宝猴头一对,东西超级性价比 盘就完了😜Check Out The Pictures.Shipped with USPS First Class Package. five faces of Rudraksha can make the wearer ke...
Rudraksha . Chinese walnut. Chinese walnut Bracelet.Hedgehong walnut. 文玩四件套
WE believe peace of mind is the best gift for your health. It is our mission to reduce your stress and bring positive energy to not only your physical but also your mental health. High-quality TIBETAN SINGING BOWL SET:---- Includes an approximate 7.2-13cm beautiful sing...
mantra Chakra Healing Tibetan Singing Bowl Set of 7 Hand Hammered Meditations
Vintage Tibetan Bodhi Seed 10mm Prayer Meditation Mala 108 Strand. Purchased in Nepal in 2003 this mala was $200 USD back then. The bodhi seeds themselves are getting harder and harder to source. 38” in length and about 73 grams. We had this displayed alongside vintage...
Vintage Tibetan Bodhi Seed 10mm Prayer Meditation Mala 108 Strand
Colletion Dragon Eyes Bodhi Bracelet 14mm 龙眼,眼睛清晰14mm 小精品 check Out the Pictures .Shipped with USPS First Class
Colletion Dragon Eyes Bodhi Bracelet 14mm 龙眼
Three Stones (Turquoise, Coral & Lapis) traditional Tibetan mantra bracelet, rich chainlike designs along either side of the bracelet and further embellishments at either end make for a stunning piece. Made of silver plated copper, it is attractive and adjustable. M...
om mani padme hum bracelet
Genuine Azabache beads hand cut in Spain with genuine coral beads and sterling silver clasp, 7 1/4 inched long bracelet.
Genuine Azabache Bead Bracelets
18×14mm Quality Rudraksha Bracelet 金刚菩提子手串 蜂窝双龙 已打底 盘就完了check Out the Pictures .Shipped with USPS First Class Package.
18×14mm Quality Rudraksha Bracelet 金刚菩提子手串 蜂窝双龙
Meditation Prayer beads, also fashion friendly 8mm*108 beads, wooden finish GL Branded *Price may increase slightly due to supplier changes. We will still keep them as affordable as possible
Unisex 108 Mala Prayer Beads Sandalwood Buddhist Bracelet Necklace (US Sold)
The Tibetan Ghau, (prayer box) was used to carry sacred relics, magical charms and medicinal herbs, and acted as portable shrines used for protection when traveling. This Tibetan Gau Portable Shrine can be worn hanging from the neck or from a waist sash or belt. The sma...
Vintage Buddhist Traveling Alter Gau Ghau Portable Prayer Shrine Tibetan Deity
Bodhichitta mala (Bodhi seed) . 100% Natural A++ super fine quality beads prayer mala. Approx 10-11 mm size with 108 beads .Grown in Himalayan region of Nepal.
Bodhi Seed Mala
Resin Budda Statue. Condition is Used.please see photos
Resin Budda Statue
Antique Monk wood Carving Beautiful Detail From The Philippines. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box.
Antique Monk wood Carving Beautiful Detail From The Philippines
3 High Quality Buddha Statues. Condition is "Used". Dark red Gold Off-white
3 High Quality Buddha Statues
Floral Incense Tower Burner 12"
Brass Tower Incense Burner
Vintage Exquisite Ceramic Fat Chinese Buddha Handpainted with Gold Filligree. Condition is Gorgeous. It stands 10.5" x 7". This Buddha is very detailed, well painted, exquisitely raised detailed Komono, Bag, and Fan. It is approximately 50 to 60 years old. Thi...
Vintage Exsqisite Ceramic Fat Chinese Buddha Handpainted with Gold Filligree
Descriptions:-COMPLETE SET Includes a mat cushion and a stick for playing (cushion COLOR & PATTERN may vary)Material : Brass Alloy Color : GoldSIMPLE YET STRIKING Hammered golden toned bell metal gives the bowl a sleek lookSUPERIOR SOUND Craftsmanship gives the bowl...
5" Tibetan Singing Bowl Brass Stick & Cushion For Meditation, Yoga
Vintage Tibetan Mala Prayer Necklace. Condition is vintage, I purchased this many years ago from Drepung monastery monk. Shipped with USPS First Class.
Vintage Tibetan Mala Prayer Necklace
Descriptions:- Measures 7.9 x 7.5 x 3.1 inchesEmbossed Buddhist mantras OM MANE PADME HUM.Made of Brass and Copper and Rosewood.Handcrafted with Devotion Tabletop / wall hanging prayer wheel
Brass & Wood Crafted Tibetan Om Mani Padme Hum Embossed Hanging Prayer Wheel
Speak No Evil Happy Face Laughing Buddha Figurine Home Decor StatueColor: MixedSize : 3"(H) x 3"(L) x 2.5''(D) (approx.)Material: Poly-resinThe laughing Buddha is usually identified with or seen as an incarnation of Maitreya, the future Buddha, so much so that...
Feng Shui Speak No Evil Happy Face Laughing Buddha Figurine Home Decor Statue
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