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Yes, if he tried to go out he'd be in the doghouse. Mailed in 1910; very nice condition
comic postcard: Pinioned Puppy
His Honor feels something about this case just doesn't add up. A Lustercomics card, unmailed and in excellent condition
comic postcard: Judge Flabbergasted
Material:Gloss VinylApproximate Sizes:5" x 3.5” A special note from the seller "Jomarrjs" or "Jomarrjs-Prints":
Have a special Design, Character, Anime, and/or Logo sticker you are looking for?Feel free to send a direct message to inquire.Warm R...
Naruto - Anime - Hinata Hyuga “Spa Treatment” Bikini Sun Fun Sticker Vinyl Sexy
Yes, this has happened to me and I felt exactly the same way. A Sup. Co. arcade card from 1948, excellent condition
comic arcade card: Glum Elegance
Roth & Langley produced this card to remind you how people feel when they don't get a letter from you. Unmailed, in very nice shape
comic postcard: Crying Babies to Remind You
1906 Comic Humor Postcard I'm Calling Your Way Selling Apples Eduard BuettnerCondition: Very good, corner bumping, yellowing, light soiling. High quality scans have also been provided for your convenience.Publisher: Eduard BuettnerPostmarked: 1906 Number: NoneSize: 3.5&...
1906 Comic Humor Postcard I'm Calling Your Way Selling Apples Eduard Buettner
As long as you're happy. Unmailed and in excellent condition
comic postcard: Drunk Joke #10: Cockeyed
This is a Vintage Comic PostcardGood condition for it's age. All corners bumped .Age marked on both sides .PLEASE SEE ALL PHOTOGRAPHS.For details of publisher, card serial number, posted or unposted, please seethe second photograph which is the reverse of the card. Plea...
Saucy Comic Postcard 1969 Boobs Nude Naked Model Art Class Instructor INNUENDO
Not quite sure who in this picture is being told to say Hello; it may depend on who was being sent the card. An Asheville postcard, unmailed and in excellent condition
comic postcard: Sit-Offish?
And you can tell which are the chickens, because they're too tell to stand upright in the picture. An Asheville card, unmailed and in excellent condition
comic postcard: Poultry Distinction
I don't know for sure what they have in mind, but the beach doesn't look soft enough for it from here. Mailed in 1911 (I can't quite read the message, which is in German, but which does start with the word for Kissing) Textured frame around photo is in nice shape
comic postcard: Uses for Sand
So the lady rabbit is explaining to her boyfriend what she's been up to while he was away, indicated by the presence of a bunch of baby skunks. A Colourpicture Production: unused, excellent condition
comic postcard: Rabbits being Rabbits
Here are Frederick Burr Opper's probably immortal comedy duo, in their most familiar pose. To this day, extreme (and pointless) politeness is known as the Alphonse-and-Gaston syndrome, while their habit of crying out, in terror, hwhere else they wanted to be inspired th...
comic postcard: Alphonse and Gaston, 1906
All right, class: can you tell me, just looking, which of these two has what plans for the evening? Note that even the couch is playing along, being rather curved at one end and straight at the other. A dexter Press Colorcraft card, unmailed and in very nice shape
comic postcard Body Language 101
Back in the days when candy was less available, a kid who wanted something sweet had to break into the jam supply. In those days, if you had the nerve to try something, you had the "face" to do it. This young man is trying, and failing, to deny the evidence, a...
comic postcard: Guilt Shows in Your Face
I expect i could eventually forgive Raphael Tuck and so on for that sew sew pun, bur did not notice the play on "needles" in the line before? Fine thing! Mailed in 1908, mild wear around the corners
comic postcard Puns Beyond Mending
If 2 A.M. isn't early, what is? Mailed in 1911 by someone who had to write in pencil, some wear around the edges
comic postcard: Early To Bed
Another of those "I Should Worry" gags which seem to have swept the country and then disappeared, leaving very little evidence of what all the fuss was about. Combined here with the fad of drawing small children with big hats so their faces wouldn't show. Mail...
comic postcard Figure Fears
It isn't always pleasant to be the center of attention. Unmailed, and in excellent condition
comic postcard: Overflowing Ovation
Trailer Comics Humor Postcard 1950s Travel Trailer 63856 Rare New Linen. Condition is "Used" but NEVER used. Approx.: 5.5" x 4"Standard Size. 2 Women hanging laundry - You certainly can get an eyeful of swell scenery on the road! Watching out for dan...
Trailer Comics Humor Postcard 1930s 1940's Travel Trailer 63856 Rare New Linen
Vintage Comic Spanking cute Post Card lot of 125 of card Posted with one cent stampsand 1 card with Half pennyand the 6 of the card did not usedPlease check all the Picture carefully and ask question before you bid.Thank for shopping!
Vintage Comic Spanking cute Post Card lot of 12 some Posted w/1 cent stamps
A vintage linen postcard published by the Asheville Post Card Company, probably in the 1950s. Note: The postcard is original to the 1950s, but the imprint may have been added later. Condition: unused with no writing, EX Yes, I combine shipping. To get it: use "Add...
Greetings from Sodom Kentucky Pennant and Lake Scene 1950s Linen Postcard
He's really up in the air about the cattle business. Mailed around 1908, some wear to corners
comic postcard: High on Farm Life
I think this might work even better as a framed sampler in the parlor. Mailed in 1912 by Tyler, who was having a big time in St. Paul, excellent condition
comic postcard: Sign at the Bar
Looks like he's aced the interview, if her tongue is anything to go by. Note that Dwig, our cartoonist, has put in a couple of throwaway jokes in the other ads. mailed in 1909--compliments to Cleveland Station D for its cool postmark--with some blunting to corners and s...
comic postcard: Young Man Overmatched
Vintage Postcard Buster Brown and His Bubble, 1907 postmark. Auction find. Fun card that has Buster Brown, Tige, Yellow Kid, along with Black Americana. Card has wear due to age and handling such as roughness/creasing/peeling/tearing around edges, many other creases, br...
Vintage Postcard Buster Brown and His Bubble, 1907 postmark
I'm not getting the joke, but I do like the picture of the old-fashioned house, and the girl is cute. Mailed in 1910, smudged on the back, with random creases here and there
comic postcard: Curfew
About five minutes after the germ theory of disease was released, we got the first warning that a kiss could spread thousands of 'em. This is an H.I.R. card of 1911, unmailed and in very nice shape
comic postcard: Microbes? OUR crobes!
Struggling to make conversation when you would rather be doing, oh, anything else can be a staggeringly awkward. A Maywood card, unmailed and in nice shape, if slightly browned around the edges
comic postcard Delighted Soon?
Once you've learned what you can get if you're cute enough, your future career is set. Mailed from New jersey to Yugoslavia in 1922, very nice shape
comic postcard They Start Young
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