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Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Twin Pack (40 sheets) Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film White Fujiflim Instax Mini Instant Flim Twin Pack (40 Films) Expiration 07/2022 OVERVIEW: Instax Mini film is for all Instax mini cameras and comes in a handy cartridge. Fujifilm...
40 Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Polaroids for Mini 8 Mini 9 -Mini 11
Kodak Ektachrome 160 Type G Color Super 8 Film NOS 97boxes Available. All sealed and new unopened. Price Per Box. All Expired but all Sealed NEW Shipped with USPS First Class.
Kodak Ektachrome 160 Type G Super 8 Film 97 Boxes For Sale Sold Each NewExpired.
7 Vintage World In Color Productions 8mm Black and White Film. The titles include: African Safari, Mr. Bear Goes Fishing, Marineland's Educated Porpoises, Monkey Jungle, Miami Serpentarium, Waite Bird Farm and I Oswald Rabbit is not in a World of Color Production bix bu...
6 Vintage World In Color Productions 8mm Black and White Film and One Unknown
This vintage lot of home movies is from an estate. These are 3" reels of 8mm film and there are 34 total. The labels are shown of the contents. CONDITION: As you can see in pic, this film appears to be in good condition but it has not been viewed. Buyer pays shippi...
Vintage Lot of 34 8mm Home Movies, 3" Film Reels
This vintage lot of home movies is from an estate. These are 5" reels of 8mm film. The labels are shown of the contents. CONDITION: As you can see in pic, this film appears to be in good condition but it has not been viewed. The EKC film in pic 8 has a bad smell an...
Vintage Lot of Ten 8mm Home Movies, 5" Film Reels
Winning bid is for ONE box (20 pics)If you purchase the whole lot I'll include the original outer shipping box.
This is for 175 ft ,8mm film rodeo Ellenburg , color 1939.
8mm Home Movie 175 Ft 1939 Ellenburg WA Rodeo Color
These 7 Rolls of Infrared Black and White Film have been cold stored in my late uncle's fridge for an unknown amount of time. Film expires Aug 2021. See photos for details. This is a NO RESERVE auction.
7 Rolls Rollei Infrared 120 Film Cold Stored NO RESERVE
You will recevie two (2) three (3) packs of Kodak GOLD 400 ISO 35mm expired color print films. Six (6) total rolls of 35mm film. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FILM HAD AN INITIAL EXPIRATION DATE OF 1993 BUT WAS RESTICKERED TO SHOW AN EXPIRATION DATE OF 1995....AS SHOWN IN THE P...
Kodak Kodacolor Gold 400(3-Pack: 2-24 + 1-36) Exp. 1993/1995- Two 3-pks(6 rolls)
You are Buying a Vintage Home Movie Lot of 24+ Kodachrome 8mm Super 8 film rolls 1960s. Some are labeled 1962 Snow, FLA, Wash, Christmas Parade, etc. This was purchased from a local NC estate sale and the owned was a resident of North Carolina. This lot is in as found c...
Vintage Home Movie Lot of 24+ Kodachrome 8mm Super 8 film rolls 1960s
20 boxes of vintage film, 19 Kodak and one FCA. 4 boxes of C135-24. 3 boxes of C135-20. 1 box of EX135-36. 1 box of VP126-12. 3 boxes of C126-12. 7 boxes of CX620. 1 box of FCA 127 color. Note that one box of CX620 and one box of C126-12 are open bot the film is still i...
Kodak Kodacolor Ektachrome Verichrome FCA Vintage Film 20 Unopened Roll Lot
This is for 75 ft ,8mm film Minneapolis and Goosberry falls, Mn 1943.
8mm Home Movie 75 Ft Minneapolis Street Scenes & Goosberry Falls 1943
Wonderful Lot of Old Home Movies8mmComes with 24 movies7 empty cases7 empty reelsThe small grey reels are in poor condition. They are brittle and were not well stored. There are 13 of them dated 12-25-52- 6-7-53. I was able to view one of the reels on my editing Baia ma...
Vintage 8mm Old Home Movie Lot 1953-1972 Viet Nam Europe Sex Ed Fl Kids USA NR
Sputnik Russian Bakelite 120 film Stereo Camera. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Rare 120 format Stereo Camera from Russia.For display, parts or repair. Has shutter issues
Sputnik Russian Bakelite 120 film Stereo Camera
Kodak NOS various 16mm motion picture film. Vintage new old stock stored in basement. Factory sealed 100' daylight spools in hard plastic boxes. Seven rolls includes variety: 7246 Vision 250D7277 Vision 320T7279 Vision 500T (x 2)7222 Double-X Negative7278 Tri-X reversal...
Kodak 16mm film 100ft sealed - Seven rolls
Expired Svema 250 black-and-white film.GOST 250 DIM 26 ASA 320 daylightGOST 350 DIM 27 ASA 400 artificial lightingDevelopment time 7 minutesThe term expired in 1987.36 frames 24x36They can still serve in skillful hands. One order equals 10 Rolls Friends,Due to the delay...
Svema film 36 frames black and white 10 rolls
Lot of 7 vintage Black Hawk films. Haunted Spooks, Boobs in the Woods, The Big Shot, Yukon Jake, Saturday Afternoon, and 2 Charlie Chaplin movies the Floor Walker and The Tramp!! Great to add to collections!! Pay Pal and USA shipping only please!
Four (4) rolls Pack of Kodak Kodacolor Gold 400 ISO 36 Exposure/each Color Film Vintage Film! Expired 1993/1994! Sold As Is! Film Has Been Kept At Room Temperature for 28+ Years. An Opportunity to Create Vintage Looking Photographs Without Altering Them! Be surprised By...
Kodak Kodacolor 35 mm Gold 400 36 Exp 1993/94 Print Film Made In USA - 4 rolls
Lot of 4 NEW 1971 Polaroid Land Film Rolls(Black & White) 3000 Speed Type 47 Brand new! Boxes may show a little wear. Take a look at the pictures for exactly what you will receive. From a non-smoking home. ** I am selling a huge collection of camera equipment and ac...
Lot of 4 NEW 1971 Polaroid Land Film Rolls (Black & White) 3000 Speed Type 47
Set of 26 8mm Plastic Movie Reels with Films
Set of 26 8mm Plastic Movie Reels with Films
Expired 35mm Film Lot 38 rolls Kodak Gold kodacolor plus 100 200 Inides everything you see in pictures. Opened unexposed film includes. 31 Kodacolor Gold 100 most are 36 exposures. 2 Kodacolor Gold 200 24 exposures 2 Kodachrome 25 1 Kodak Gold 200 GB 36 exposures. 1 sea...
35mm Film lot of 40 rolls Kodak Gold kodacolor plus 100 200 unexposed + more see
8mm and super 8 home films. Sold as Is and no returns. Purchased at a estate sale. See pics for descriptions Check out my auctions for more 8mm film auctions.
8mm Home Film movie lot
Brand new, never opened. Original factory seal. New Old Stock Vintage Kodak Disc film.2 packs of 30 exposuresExpired: 11/1995No returns... sold unused but as-is with no guarantee to work.FAST SHIPPING!! Shipped either the same day or next day depending on the time of pu...
Kodak Disc Film Kodacolor Gold 2-15 Sealed Film Disks - 2pks - Expired
Expiration dates range from 1988 - 2008 on boxed film, film in canisters are likely similar but undated. This lot contains: Kodak Max 400 4x Kodak gold 200 1x Kodak gold ultra 400 1x Kodak 400 4x Kodak tmax 100 b&w 2x Kodak p3200 b&w 1x Kodak infrared 1x Kodak t...
Vintage Expired 35mm Film Lot Kodak Kodachrome 28 rolls
2000 Kodak TMAX 100 (35mm x 100ft) Condition: Box open. Film sealed. Weight seems correct to the feelbut I do not know what the exact weight should be for TMAX 100. The weight of the can and box combined is 10.30oz. Kept in cool basement.We combine shipping. About The S...
2000 Kodak TMAX 100 (35mm x 100ft)
Four Rolls of Expired (1992) Kodak Gold 35 mm Film- 400 ISO - 36 Exposures Per Roll - New and Sealed MPN: CAT 123 7395 The Film has NOT Been Refrigerated. It Has Been On the Shelves of Our Room Temperature Warehouse for 28+ years. It Is Being Sold 'As-Is'. ****Please se...
Kodak Gold 400 ISO 36 Exp Expired Film (1992 Expirn. Date)- Vintage New- 4 rolls
Here's a nice storage locker find. Four Super 8 movies and one 8mm and two empty reel cans. All 7'' and comes with storage case. They all look to be in good condition. There's a description for each movie that also gives the date. Any questions feel free to ask.
Vintage 1957 to 1982 8mm Super 8 Home Movie Vacation Film 7" Reels Case Box
Vintage 1950s ' Art Model ' at home ...400 ft. of film on core .. .... noodie cutie very good condition vs
1950s Vintage 16mm film ..Art model , Peppy Housewife
I believe these are 16mm - see pics6 Vintage Films from Huron/Clinton Metro Parks in the 1960's and 1970's-Park Maintenance Mechanization - 1960-Metro Park Crowds-Noticing Natures Neighbors-Summer Fun - 1975 - In original condition. No reel in the can, only the film-Sto...
Lot 6 Vintage 1960's Film Movie Reels Huron Clinton Metro Parks Michigan 16mm
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