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Pre-Columbian Olmec Pectoral / Bloodletting Spoon. Carved with a very detailed, transformation face. In one side; concave on the other. In green jade; mostly translucent. As seen in pictures. With visible nice patina. Bloodletting, which means purposefully cutting the h...
Pre-Columbian Olmec Pectoral / Spoon Bloodletting Ritual Container
Precolumbian Mayan Olmec Mezcala Carved Bead. shipping from Mexico I do combined shipping cost after two o more purchased items Original piece was found on Calakmul south East Mexico this piece has been part from my private 20 years collection please be confident to bid...
Precolumbian Mayan Olmec Mezcala Carved Bead
Pre-Columbian Anasazi Mesa Verde Cup Mug with handle. No Restoration. Shipped with FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery. No restoration In inches 3.5 rim 4 height 5 width
Pre-Columbian Anasazi Mesa Verde Cup Mug with handle. No Restoration
This is an extremely rare item of a Taino stone chair made from a single piece of wood, representing an anthropozoomorphic figure, with a small sculptured head and finely engraved geometric designs on the forehead, used by the principals practitioners of the Cohoba ritu...
Pre-Columbian Taino Stone “Cacique” Chair
Very rare to find this Taino deep carved basalt black stone, depicting a large figure of deity of Guabas spider. Also represents two deities in one of the underworld “Boinael and Maraya”, the body carved in rounded shape, probably used in a shamanic ceremony. Overall pe...
Pre- Colubian Taino stone deity “Guabas” figure
For your consideration, a Pre-Columbian Ceramic dog effigy from the Colima state of Mexico, circa 100 BC to 250 AD. This piece is an exceptional example from the West Mexican shaft tomb tradition. It measures 9” tall by 13.25” long. He is masterfully sculpted and made w...
Pre-Columbian Colima Dog
BEAUTIFUL PRE-COLUMBIAN MAYAN JAGUAR 700-1200 DC The Maya civilization developed within the Mesoamerican cultural area, which covers a region that spreads from northern Mexico southwards into Central America. Mesoamerica was one of six cradles of civilization worldwide....
Polychrome decorated pottery bowl having a foggy black painted four part geometric-linear design, with triangular elements, probably depicting bird heads. Exterior decorated with two long registers of stylized lighting bolt designs. Repaired from approximately four orig...
Pre Columbian Anasazi Pinedale Polychrome Bowl 1275-1325 A.D.
BEAUTIFUL PRE-COLUMBIAN OLMEC FIGURE The mysterious Olmec civilization prospered in Pre-Classical (Formative) Mesoamerica from c. 1200 BCE to c. 400 BCE MEASURES: 3 1/2" TALL, 1 1/2" WIDE, 1 1/2" DEEP
Pre-Columbian, Peru (North Coast), Moche Culture, ca. 100 to 700 CE. A huge, almost round, hammered thin gold nose ring, of elegant, smooth form, impressive for its size and the shine on its smooth face. Two tiny, hollow cylinders of gold at the upper center allow it to...
PRE-COLUMBIAN CHIMU CALERO VESSEL, CA. 1200-1450 AD Offered is a Chimu highly-burnished blackware vessel called a calero, or lime container, from northern Peru, ca. 1200-1450 AD. It is 9 inches (approximately 23 centimeters) in height. The vessel is of double-globular f...
This Mayan Vessel is decorated with Warriors, is made from red Terracotta Clay and comes complete with documentation of its authenticity from the Sadigh Gallery of New York. The COA is pictured last. Also included is the invoice from the last purchase in 2006. The condi...
Primitive MAYAN Terracotta Vessel w Warriors Certificate of Auth. PRE-Columbian
Pre-Columbian Carved Green Stone Mayan Serpent Calcified Green Stone, Signs Of Erosion, Mineral Deposits Custom Stand Included Dimensions: 3.25" x 1.25" Age: 300-800 A.D. Origin: MesoAmerica 100% Authentic or Money Back #1335
Pre-Columbian Mayan Serpent, MesoAmerica
This auction is for one Precolumbian Olmec green apple Jade Figure pendantOn Nov-26-20 at 14:19:49 PST, seller added the following information: I do combine shipping cost after two o more purchased items
Precolumbian Olmec Mayan mezcala Jade Figure
PRE-COLUMBIAN JAMACOAQUE FELINE EFFIGY, CIRCA 300 BC-400 AD A fine Jamacoaque transformation figure from Ecuador, ca. 300 BC-400 AD. This great feline is 9-1/8" (approximately 23.5 cm.) in length and depicts a shaman in the final stages of transforming into a jagua...
Pre Columbian Mexican Artifacts Framed Framed In good condition! (9in x 9in Frame) : SELLING MOST OF MY JERSEYS DUE TO HARDSHIP : : WILL COMBINE SHIPPING FOR MULTIPLE JERSEYS BOUGHT : (Note: Stains are on jersey. Please view photos before bidding.) Message me with any q...
Pre-Columbian Mexican Art Framed Artifacts
Pre-Columbian Jasper Beads Collection of 31 Beads Tairona Culture Dimensions: Range In Size From 6MM to 17MM Origin: Tairona Culture, Region of Columbia 100% Authentic or Money Back Guarantee Tray #14
Pre-Columbian Jasper Beads, Collection, Tairona Culture
Good shape for age. Any questions feel free to ask
6 vintage metal kitchen cabinets with sink and base
Pre-Columbian Mayan Transformation Makette/Pendant. With a transformation deity as a headdress. The deity has protruding eyes, and wide nose. The mouth is an anthropomorphic head. With very fine facial features. With aquiline nose, and perforated nostrils. The ears spor...
Pre-Columbian Mayan Tranformation Jade Maskette Pendant
Precolumbian Chontal Mezcala Olmec Mayan Stone Figure. Shipped with USPS First Class.
Precolumbian Chontal Mezcala Olmec Mayan Stone Figure
Ancient Ojuelos de Jalisco Alien Stone Knife,ceremony knife 10 inch lots of symbols just selling some items out of my collection Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
Ancient Ojuelos de Jalisco Alien carved Stone Knife
Alien flying saucer carved stone Ojuelos de Jalisco Found in Mexico Cerro del toro See pictures for dimensions and weight Beautiful piece for your collection Big piece Ojuelos de Jalisco Alien Carved Stone.Authentic Aztlan Artifact. Shipped with USPS First Class Package...
Ojuelos de Jalisco Alien Carved Stone.Authentic Aztlan Artifact
Description Ca 200 – 500 AD Hollow Nicoya (Costa Rica) seated redware female figure. Ceramic, reddish brown with spots of manganese dioxide on the surface. The figure is hollow with hands to the hips. The figure is not clothed. A copy of Hasso von Winning’s March 1,1995...
Large Pre Columbian Nicoya Female Figure – Hasso Von Winning Appraised
White slip pottery bowl having a wide interior band of black painted geometric stepped decoration. Repaired from approximately fifteen original pieces with restoration over the break lines only. A nicely decorated example. Auction Catalogue page is included with wining...
Pre Columbian Anasazi Holbrook Black on White Scoop-Shaped Bowl 1075-1130 A.D.
Green Jade hybrid statue with fine gold inlays on the eyesThis hybrid being is holding a human skull and the skul also has gold eyes (inlays)Height: 5 inchesLake CuitzeoVery rare piecePrice includes FedEx shipping within the U.S.
Green Jade hybrid statue with gold inlays Cuitzeo Lake Rare free shipping
Culture: IncaOrigin: Northern Peru Ca. 1450-1534A.D. DESCRIPTION: A handsome polychrome example of Inca creativity. The overall height is 8” and it is 7” at the widest diameter. One side has profuse elegant design elements including many geometric motifs such as quadran...
Precolumbian Mezcala Stone Figures. set of two pieces
Precolumbian Mezcala Mayan Olmec Stone Figures
This is a Mayan bowl with rabbit scribes from around 1900 A.D with a length of 8 inches and height of 3.5 inches , was purchased at a antique market by a Mayan collector
mayan Bowl
Pre-columbian Olmec stone jaguar figure from Mexico. Ca. 400 bc 9.84 inches Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
Pre-columbian Olmec stone jaguar figure from Mexico. Ca. 400 bc.
Antique White Calcite Stone skull sculpture with alien motifs. This sculpture also has inlays of semi precious stones of : black onyx, brown jasper, green aventurine stonesMeasures 13 x 13 inchesWeights 36 poundsRareLake Cuitzeo area, MexicoPrice includes FedEx shipping...
Ancient white Calcite stone skull sculpture with alien motifs free shipping
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