The urgent tourist directions for russians in 2018


The summer - it is a time of holiday and vacation. Every year citizens of Russia look forward to this season. They make plans and decide which place or country should visit. As a rule, Russians travel with their family. They prefer a package holiday in Europe, North America and so one. Seaside holiday are so popular too.

But the tourist destinations can change. It depends on many factors: politics, economics, and income of population. So, for example in 2016 about 1,732 citizens went to abroad. The most visited countries were Thailand (501,8 thousand people), Spain (269,3 thousand people) and Vietnam (180,2 thousand people).

But it was previous year. And what about 2018? Which places are recommended to visit? And which countries are safest for citizens of Russia?

Nowadays, citizens of Russia prefer less popular places for their rest. In connection with political situation in the world, most part of Russians has plans to stay in the native land. A lot of permits and tickets have been ordered on the internal direction. Sochi became the leader in this year. This situation is explained by the fact that the permit price across Russia Federation makes 12,5 thousand rubles. As fact, in previsions year about 70% inhabitants of Russia have chosen travel within the native land.

Also, the Crimea became not less popular tourist direction for the last year. Cyprus became a part of Russia as a subject again in 2014. After that, the government decided to build a bridge. The bridge will connect the peninsula with Russia Federation. In a future, citizens of Russia can travel to Cyprus and back by their own transport. Now, everybody is reaching to the peninsula on the ferry. Cyprus is a fantastic place for summer rest.

And what about traveling abroad? Once popular tourist direction, like Turkey, Egypt and UAE don't interest the Russian tourists any more. Now, they are attracted by other countries and continents. The results of our research show next countries, which experts of tourism recommend visiting:

1. Bulgaria. This country doesn't cede Turkey by quantity of sunlight at all. Besides, there are attractive quotations on goods and services. And, of course, there is a house atmosphere everywhere. But these are not all advantages of Bulgaria. The country is pleasant to citizens of Russia because:

  • no language barrier;
  • various entertainments for any age category;
  • low prices of souvenirs and attributes.

By the way, Bulgaria one of the few countries which has the east coast. You can admire sunrise directly sitting on the coast. Here 300 days in a year the sun shine, and air temperature reaches +30 degrees.

Also, from each international airport of Russia it is possible to depart to Bulgaria (regular flights are made). And it is not problem to receive a visa. In the territory of Bulgaria works the Schengen visa.

2. Montenegro. Montenegro it is economical, but magnificent beach rest on Adriatic Sea. Here tourist can see a lot of orthodox monasteries, set of historical monuments of a medieval era, abundance of lakes and national parks.

It should be noted the charming capital of Podgorica and resort Budva. Montenegro is a small country, but is attractive to tourists who prefer budget travel in silence. It is similar to the Crimean peninsula. This similarity does the country more native and cozy for citizens of Russia. This tourist direction will be suitable for married couples and families with children.

3. Romania. It is possible to call not less than four reasons why it is worth visiting this European country.

In Romania every tourist can find entertainment for pleasure. First of all, you should pass on Transfagarashskoye Highway which passing across the Carpathians. After than to visit the castle of the count Dracula and to appreciate him. If you would like to see your own view the mud volcanoes dwarfs, you should visit the reserve near the city of Buzeu.

The underground Romanian sanatorium of «Salina Turda» is a place for women. It stays in salt mine. Here are a lot of the real labyrinths. After excursion, anyone can visit spa-salon or to float on the lake by the boat.

4. Abkhazia. In recent years the number of the Russian tourists who have visited Abkhazia has considerably increased. The country is famous for the unique nature and a large supply of minerals. The sea is clean with wide pebble beaches.

A rest in this country can be various. Here you can spend time in a silence when walking in a park. Or to choose extreme rest like entertainments on water.
Abkhazia will be appreciated by fans of archeology and history. A lot of historical excursions are organized here. In Abkhazia, it is possible to try ethnic Caucasian cuisine. There are hot dishes with paprika and local wine production.

In the territory of Abkhazia there are set of sanatorium complexes. Balneological resort areas are the most popular which are rich in curative properties of mineral waters and existence of mud baths.

5. Georgia. Popularity of Georgia grows very fast among the Russian tourists. Only here with own eyes it is possible to see the ancient monasteries of Mtskheta, the cave city of Uplistsikhe, sulfuric baths and other surprising historical monuments.

Tbilisi is considered the large city of the country. Here you can see tiny streets, sulfuric baths, magnificent cathedrals and theaters. Also, it is recommended to visit ancient Kutaisi, which was the capital of the Colchis kingdom. Another city, Batumi, includes ancient architecture with the sea resort, equipped in the best modern traditions.
Georgia contains over two thousand sources of healing mineral and thermal waters mud baths and sands. All this helps people to overcome their illnesses.
Another advantage of holiday in Georgia is visa-free regime. If you are going to the country only for three months it is not necessary to receive the visa. And regular flights from Russia will allow to begin the rest quicker.

6. China. When we are talking about China, we are always exciting of enormous size of indigenous objects. Each one of us would like to see the great Wall of China and Terracotta Army consists of 8000 warriors with our own eyes. There are giant metabolizes, «glazed» skyscrapers, beach and ski resorts in China. The best health-improving centers open their doors for guests all year round.

In spite of China`s modern shape, the country still honor the ancient traditions. It makes it especial and attractive for wondering tourists. You should tasting a few from hundreds traditionally meals and see the gorgeous tea ceremony.

This new popular destination for Russian tourists will not leave anyone indifferent.

7. Cyprus. This coming summer season Cyprus has the «garland» of prevalent travelling abroad from Russia. The reasons are: smooth and fast flight, prices for product and service are acceptable. You can quickly make an electronic visa and soon enjoy amazing and various holidays.

There are a lot of entertainments for every taste. Active youth can have fun on the Nissi beach resort. Ideal family recreation is Protaras. And «Sunrise» resort includes all kinds of services for every client in here; prices are reasonable.

Nature and silent lovers can visit the cape Greco with its fantastic views.

Flights to Cyprus are regularly carried out from almost every regional airport in Russia.

Thus, over the past few years citizens of Russia have changed opinion on the rest choice. They prefer to choose others tourists directions, not countries or places which was popular before. Nowadays it depends on unstable economic, political, national and cultural situation in the world. The most part of Russians have chosen these tourists directions not incidentally. They consider them the safest. Maybe it is true.