The best apps for students on iOS


We are all familiar with fundamental changes in the students’ lives. New places, people and career. Sometimes life throws us into a completely unfamiliar, unusual and unexpected situations. The majority of readers begin even from scratch.

In today's world, with the advent of the Internet and mobile communications, many domestic problems are easily solved. For example, moving to the very far corner of the country, does not necessarily have the contacts and acquaintances: type in the search engines - to find an apartment - and choose the best from the list. Then, you got expert help for the new housing from the professionals.

However, there is a very important stage in human life – student stage, when a search engine on the Internet is not enough for happiness. Deal with new subjects and tasks with the help of custom-developed applications. We picked the best ones for the iPhone or iPad.


The application, through which you can download books in electronic form. The app is free, but the textbooks, for obvious reasons, have to buy (the price of e-books is much lower than paper ones).


With this application you can upload your class schedules, tasks, checklists and tests. Electronic schedule always tell you if you can add some class to the existing ones. It costs $ 3.


The application helps to manage your homework. You will always be able to share solutions with your friends. The app is free.


The application is for records of any kind. With it, you can easily find notes, made, stored for later reference, etc. The app is free.


The recorder with a very good quality of recording and the ability to sort entries made by folders, as well as to synchronize and edit these records. It costs $ 2.


An indispensable tool in the study of Spanish, French, German, Italian or Portuguese. The app is free.

My script calculator

Winner of applications for mobile phones CES 2013. Read and consider formulas and equations that are written by hand. The app is free.


The app keeps order in all the student accounts - to whom and how much you owe and who owes you and how much. Now, you keep everything under control. It costs $ 2.


As the name implies, the app helps you to make self-control. Are you afraid that instead of study, you will spend time on social networks and other entertainment? App SelfControl helps to deal with that. Add resources to the black list, and specify the time when you will not be able to go to those sites. The app is free.