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Sri Lanka - Channel 4: Absolutely false, deliberately sinister – Sri Lanka

There is a absolutely no truth to the allegations made in video footage shown on UK’s Channel 4 News on Aug 25 claiming alleged atrocities against the Sri Lankan Tamil community during the recently concluded military offensive against the LTTE; it is a deliberate and sinister attempt to prevent the reconciliation process that is taking place now to heal the wounds of the past and rebuild the country, states the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in the UK, in a response to Channel 4 sent yesterday (Aug 26).

“The video footage said to have been filmed ‘in January’ and received by you ‘only yesterday’ is another attempt by LTTE front organizations and other anti Government elements whose prime objective is to discredit the country,” states High Commissioner Justice Nihal Jayasinghe in this response.

“One cannot believe that it took eight months for the so-called ‘journalists for democracy’ to “smuggle out” the video which is said to have been filmed in January. Sri Lanka is a country with modern communication facilities that link it to the rest of the world. If the video was actually done in January it would have not taken this long to reach London. This is an unbelievable fabrication,” the statement adds.

Justice Jayasinghe was interviewed by BBC World News on TV last night, which also showed part of the video shown by Channel 4. He strongly refuted any claims to truth of this video footage, and said it lacked credibility because there was no record of the date or place when and where it was made. When the presenter said those who were seen carrying out the alleged attacks were dressed in Sri Lankan military uniforms, the High Commissioner said the LTTE was well known to carry out some of its terrorist acts wearing uniforms of Sri Lankan forces. He also recalled that following an attack on a LTTE training camp for women cadres at Sencholai in the East the LTTE had later dressed the bodies of the deceased in school uniforms.

He firmly countered the BBC presenter’s charge that Sri Lanka was not holding an international investigation on alleged war crimes in the final stages of the battle with the LTTE, stating for such an inquiry to be held there should be substantial and well documented charges, and not merely the demand of any persons and unverified video footage.

BBC also failed to get an employee of its Tamil service to substantiate or accept the claims of alleged atrocities made in the Channel 4 video, who also said it was not possible to accept the credibility of it in the absence of the date and time of making the video and its location, among other doubtful details.

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Speech by French President Sarkozy: Unthinkable progress was made

more Faced with the temptations of a run-for-your-life, every-man-for-himself kind of attitude, and given the risk of national measures that would lead to the return of protectionism, on September 23 I stood before the United Nations on behalf of Europe and proposed holding a summit of major world leaders. A summit so that together we would adopt...

Several U.S. Congressmen denounce a witch-hunt against the Intelligence Community

more On the heels of the release of the Inspector General report on the CIA's interrogation program, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) applauded the appointment of John Durham to conduct a preliminary review into whether federal laws were violated in connection with the interrogation of certain detainees. Yet he has main...

Dept of Justice recommends the creation of High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG)

more After extensively consulting with representatives of the Armed Forces, the relevant agencies in the Intelligence Community, and some of the nation’s most experienced and skilled interrogators, the Task Force concluded that the Army Field Manual provides appropriate guidance on interrogation for military...

Release of al-Megrahi: "Outrageous and disgusting", White House says

more Robert Gibbs: Well, again, we've registered our outrage. We have discussed with the Libyans what we think is appropriate, as we did with UK and Scottish officials in our opposition to the release to begin with. And all I can say, going forward, is we'll continue to watch the actions of this individual and the Libyan government...

United Nations Security Council lauds holding of "historic" Afghan elections

more The United Nations Security Council has welcomed the holding of Afghanistan’s “historic” presidential and provincial council elections, while condemning the actions of those who sought to disrupt the 20 August polls. “The members of the Council reiterate the importance of these elections as Afghanistan, working together...

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