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Letter 87: From Cairo, a “new Start” between the United States and the Muslim world
Letter 86: North Korea raised up the stakes with a Nuclear Test and Missiles' launchings
Letter 85: Relaunching the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process: Statehood as central issue
Letter 84: The Eastern Partnership, the EU Initiative to deepen its relations with neighbors
Letter 83: Arctic Region at the Center of Competing Strategic Interests and new Routes
Letter 82: Piracy and Insecurity: Situation in Somalia remains volatile and unpredictable
Letter 81: Global Disarmament to eliminate Nuclear Threat is Obama's strategy
Letter 80: World Leaders unanimously hailed the Significance of an Unprecedented G-20 Summit
Letter 79: Pakistan is key to long-term stabilization of Afghanistan, Obama's Strategy says
Letter 78: Impending Threat from North Korea? The Strategic Situation and the Motives of Pyongyang
Letter 77: Iran tests Bushehr plant, makes dramatic advances in its nuclear program
Letter 76: Rome Summit highlighted growing efforts for UN Security Council's reform
Letter 75: Afghanistan may be greatest Challenge for 2009, needs for a Surge-like strategy?
Letter 74: Situation in Darfur remains awfully tragic amid fragile hopes for peace in Sudan
Letter 73: Sri Lanka: “Decisive Steps” are made against the LTTE, at high humanitarian cost
Letter 72: Gas Crisis between Russia and Ukraine made Nabucco crucial for Europe's strategy
Letter 71: China renews its National Defense Policy & outlines the world Security Situation
Letter 70: Obama to insist on Immigration, Security and Economy in US relations with Mexico
Letter 69: Serious Energy Crisis between Russia, Ukraine and the European Union
Letter 68: Iranian nuclear program is for military purpose, French information mission told
Letter 67: 10 years after Saint-Malo, a Common European Defense still under Construction
Letter 66: China and US engage in Sixth Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) amid Crisis
Letter 61: Combats and Humanitarian Crisis in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Letter 60: Towards Diplomatic and Official Relations between Lebanon and Syria
Letter 59: NATO re-examines its overall Strategy in Afghanistan
Letter 58: UNSC requests Foreign Assistance to combat Piracy off Somalian coasts
Letter 57: Lecture on Terrorism by Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi at Princeton
Letter 56: Lecture on the Caucasus Crisis and Ukrainian Policy of Russia
Letter 55: West's assessment of its relations with Russia following Georgian Crisis
Letter 54: Historic and Diplomatic Agreement between the United States and Libya