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Official Reports


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This page gives you direct access to the most relevant reports, statements and releases issued as PDFs by official and public institutions throughout the world (eg. United Nations, European Union, U.S. General Accounting Office, CIA, ...)

UN Secretary-General's report on the situation in Afghanistan and its implications for international peace and security

more (PDF, 14 pages) In a strong political manifestation of support for Afghanistan, over 80 countries and organizations met in The Hague on 31 March, at the “International Conference on Afghanistan: a Comprehensive...

EU Gas Coordination Group identify regional cooperation and filling storages as the best means to mitigate potential gas cuts

more (PDF, 2 pages) In the light of the uncertain gas storage situation in Ukraine, the Commission in particular recommended the Member States to be better prepared for the coming winter period and to fill their gas storages from all...

US Defense Exports: Foreign Military Sales Program needs better controls for Exported Items and Information for Oversight

more (PDF, 39 pages) The FMS program, as a part of a broader safety net of export controls designed to protect technologies critical to national security as well as an important foreign policy tool to advance US interests, presents...

Security Council commends Iraq on important efforts to strengthen democracy, improve security, combat sectarian violence

more - Meeting Record (PDF, 27 pages) - Action / Vote (PDF, 2 pages) The Security Council reaffirms its commitment to the independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Iraq, and emphasizes the importance of the stability...

Press Release following 6th European Union – OPEC Energy Dialogue in Vienna, Austria

more - Press Release (PDF, 3 pages) OPEC said that the economic recession, together with new legislation and regulations in many consuming countries, had added to longstanding uncertainties about future demand and had led...

Report of the UN Secretary-General on the deployment of the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur

more (PDF, 10 pages) Despite the 3 May 2009 Doha Agreement between the Governments of Chad and the Sudan, the period under review was characterized by increased fighting along the Chad-Sudan border...

Joint Statement European Union-Pakistan Summit, to engage in strategic dialogue as partners

more (PDF, 5 pages) The EU and Pakistan welcomed their first ever Summit as an important and positive step in strengthening their relations. They agreed on further measures for comprehensive cooperation with the...

US Military and Dual-Use Technology: Covert testing shows continuing vulnerabilities of Domestic Sales for Illegal Export

more (PDF, 26 pages) GAO foundthat sensitive dual-use and military technology can be easily and legally purchased from manufacturers and distributors within the United States and illegally exported without detection...

Peacebuilding in Burundi "has Clearly Entered a New Phase", UN Security Council told; International Efforts can focus on Socio-Economic Rebuilding, 2010 Elections

more (HTM, 3 pages) With Burundi entering a new phase in its efforts to emerge from a long civil war, support to socio-economic rebuilding and the 2010 elections could now be the focus of international efforts...

US Lt Gen. McChrystal to command International Security Assistance Force, Afghanistan

more (PDF, 28 pages) The U.S. has a vital national interest in addressing the current and potential security threats posed by extremists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The strategy identifies a realistic and achievable...

EU Ferrero-Waldner “Making the difference – strengthening capacities to respond to crisis and security threats”

more (PDF, 4 pages) Recent events in Sri Lanka and Somalia remind us that violent conflict is ever-present; that civilians are increasingly the targets and victims of conflict; and that post-conflict recovery is a complex...

Report of the UN Secretary-General on the United Nations operation in Cyprus

more (PDF, 13 pages) During the reporting period, the situation in the buffer zone remained calm. There was a decrease in military violations, and the opposing forces demonstrated restraint and overall good...

Public Diplomacy of the United States: Key Issues for Congressional Oversight

more (PDF, 43 pages) The overall goal of US strategic communication efforts is to understand, engage, inform, and influence the attitudes and behaviors of global audiences in support of US strategic interests...

US Senate on A new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan

more (PDF, 7 pages) The main effort is Afghanistan, though our residual footprint in Iraq will remain larger than in Afghanistan until well into 2010. The strategic environment we face beyond these ongoing conflicts is...

Could 7/7 Have Been Prevented? Report on the London Terrorist Attacks on 7 July 2005

more (PDF, 108 pages) In early 2003, MI5 obtained intelligence indicating that an individual called Mohammed Qayum KHAN, from Luton, was the leader of an Al-Qaida facilitation network in the UK. (“Al-Qaida facilitation...

UN Security Council on Middle East situation, including the Palestinian question

more (PDF, 24 pages) The current circumstances, the most important thing is the rapid resumption of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. It is of primary importance that the political process not...

The Strategic Posture of the United States

part 1 (PDF, 8 pages) - part 2 (PDF, 5 pages) When one considers the destructive power of the nuclear weapons within our strategic posture, which generated important disagreements throughout the...

Australia: Defence White Paper 2009, towards substantial additional investment

more (PDF, 143 pages) The 2009 White Paper was developed in the midst of a global recession. The Government has demonstrated the premium it puts on our national security by not allowing the financial impact...

US Department of State's complete Country Reports on Terrorism 2008

more (PDF, 351 pages) U.S. law requires the Secretary of State to provide Congress, by April 30 of each year, a full and complete report on terrorism with regard to those countries and groups meeting criteria set...

UNSC: Chad, the Central African Republic and the subregion, MINURCAT

more (PDF, 8 pages) There is now an urgent need to reinforce MINURCAT up to its authorized strength and to equip it to meet the challenges facing it. As a result, we are concerned by the difficulties that we have...

"Together we are stronger", Speech by EU HR Javier Solana delivered in Dublin

more (PDF, 6 pages) The 27 EU governments have created the world’s largest economy. They have also established the world’s largest area of free movement across national borders. Most EU countries...

US Senate Armed Services: Inquiry into the treatment of terrorism-related Detainees

more (PDF, 263 pages) The collection oftimely and accurate intelligence is critical to the safety of U.S. personnel deployed abroad and to the security ofthe American people here at home. The methods by...

Afghanistan: Key Issues for US Congressional Oversight, Security Situation did not improve

more (PDF, 37 pages) The United States has provided approximately $38.6 billion in reconstruction assistance to Afghanistan and has over 35,000 troops in the country as of February 2009. Some progress has...

Fifth Summit of the Americas: Declaration of Commitment of Port of Spain

more (PDF, 22 pages) We, the Heads of State and Government of the democratic countries of the Americas, guided by a renewed spirit of cooperation, integration and solidarity, have gathered in Port of Spain...

Declaration of the European Union on recent developments in North Korea

more (PDF, 1 pages) The EU expresses its serious concern over the decision by the government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to withdraw from the Six-Party Talks, cease cooperation...

Report on the United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic and Chad

more (PDF, 17 pages) The present report is submitted pursuant to Security Council resolution 1861 (2009) of 14 January 2009, by which the Council extended the mandate of the United Nations Mission in...

DNI Blair announces plan for the next generation of electro-optical satellites

more (PDF, 2 pages) Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair announced today that the Office of the DNI along with the Department of Defense (DoD) have put together a plan to modernize the nation’s...