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The EU is willing to help Tunisia in its democratic transition

"The European Union is willing to help Tunisia in the short and long term to back the process of democratic transition ", declared the Head of European Diplomacy at the end of a meeting with Foreign Minister Ahmed Ouna�s on Wednesday in Brussels.

In a joint statement after the meeting, Mrs Ashton announced that concrete propositions had been discussed and considered with the Union Member states' officials "to provide assistance and support to Tunisia in its democratic transition and economic and social development ", Foreign Ministry sources reported on Wednesday to TAP news agency.

Stressing the importance of relations between the European Union and Tunisia, Mrs Ashton said that the EU which will also provide support to non-governmental organizations, "is ready to work closely with Tunisia so that change might happen".

She also said that her talks with the FM had turned on the programmes and development plans of the Tunisian Government.

She went on saying she had been "impressed by the huge work rapidly started by the Interim Government " , pointing out "the importance of re-establishing the rule of law and reinforcing institutions in these so crucial circumstances ".

The FM declared in turn: "the talks with Mrs Ashton have been dense, frank, substantial, and promising ".

He expressed thanks to the EU and to Tunisia's partners all over the world for their support and solidarity , reckoning that it is a constructive response that has just been proved by the head of the EU diplomacy.

"Since its independence, Tunisia has made the country's economic, social and industrial modernization its fundamental choices ", the FM said, adding that the revolution carried out in Tunisia for less than one month "is that of democracy, good governance and freedom ".

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