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General Election is a hope for Thailand, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said

Thai PM gave a speech “General Election, A Hope for Thailand” at Post Today’s 8th Anniversary Celebration

On February 4, 2011, 7.00 P.M., at Sofitel Centara Grand Bangkok, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva gave a speech, “General Election, A Hope for Thailand” on the occasion of Post Today’s 8th anniversary celebration. The event was also attended by Minister of Finance Korn Chatikavanij, Minister of Commerce Porntiva Nakasai, Chairman of Post Publishing Public Limited Company M.R. Pridiyathorn Devakul, Post Publishing employees, and distinguished guests.

The Prime Minister first congratulated Post Today for operating for the ninth year this year and noted that the growth of the business daily has been marked by its reputation for offering inclusive content and its innovations, such as 3D printing and Thailand Journal. In general, the Prime Minister praised Post Today for its analyses that are not only thought-provoking but also useful to its readers, and noted that the newspaper has encouraged competition in the media at large. In his speech, “General Election, A Hope for Thailand,” the Prime Minister remarked that, if the general election is to take place this year, the house dissolution must be called. In an event that house dissolution so not called, the House of Representatives would finish its term in December 2011, putting off a general election until next year.

The Prime Minister explicitly said that he has no intention to finish his term and would like to call a snap election this year in order to move Thailand forward. For the past 4-5 years, Thailand has been marked by political problems, and even though the incumbent government has been solving the problems for the past 2 years, political disturbances reached a boiling point between April and May 2010, said the Prime Minister. Stating that his attention to the new general election has been backed by clear reasons and logic, the Prime Minister said nowadays every society is highly complex and complicated in terms of race, religion, economy, and social aspect. Diversity, said the premier, can, at the very least, lead to conflicts, and at worst, violence. In advanced societies, the Prime Minister said, conflicts are resolved by principle process that is judicial system, which decides on which is legitimate and which is not. Judicial system requires independence and fairness, and on the top of judiciary is the court of justice, said the Prime Minster. The executive branch, the Prime Minister explained, has the duty to administrate the country and enforce laws at the optimal level since excessive regulatory regime can also lead to conflicts.

The Prime Minister reiterated that the government wished to see the society complying with the laws, and for the past two years, the government has been steering the country out of crises. However, aside from principle process, there is secondary process to resolve the conflicts in the society, which is democratic process in which the people vote to decide the direction of the country, said the Prime Minister. Reminiscing the days the government brought the country out of the global economic crisis, the Prime Minister said the government has been able to stabilise the political situation in the country and prevented the country from turning into a failed state in 2008. The government has remained the government that solves the people’s problems, but as there are remaining problems which resulted from the situation during the past 4-5 years, differences in viewpoint can be settled by a general election.

Reaffirming his desire not to finish his term, the Prime Minister said he would choose an optimal time to call for a snap election in order to reduce tension in the society. The Prime Minister said he is ready to give up his job and return the power to the people, noting up until this year, which is the last year of the term for this administration, the country has been on the right course. Thus, the Prime Minister said a snap election is appropriate, and the Parliament is scheduled to vote on the third resolution for the draft of the constitutional amendment on February 11. With clear resolution from the Parliament as a condition for the general election suitability, the last bit of the condition would lie on the question whether a general election would move the country forward while the election itself must be free and fair, said the premier. The Prime Minister said that there is no point in calling an election that leads to violence and a state, in which political parties cannot function nor campaign freely. Conditions have been consistent, and being fulfilled.

Lastly, the Prime Minister remarked that the general election would provide an opportunity for both ruling and opposition parties to pledge to the people whether welfare system is the right course for the country and what are the alternatives if economic growth is to be continued. The incumbent government’s intention has been always been to move the country forward while those who want to cling on the past or certain individual can now tell to the people their true intention, said the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister stated that he intends to volunteer to serve the people and that this election is special since the world would be watching closely. The Prime Minister said he expects the world to be curious as to which direction the Thai people would choose in order to get away from predicament for crisis and to develop and fulfill its full potential. The Prime Minister said he personally has trust in the people who voted him in to serve them for the past 20 years. Thus, with respect for the decision of the people, the Prime Minister said this election is a hope for the country.

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