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Egypt would achieve political radical development

In response to questions of diplomatic editors on Sunday morning, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Aboul Gheit stated that there is a big difference between international concern shown by some, especially Western countries, regarding what is going on in Egypt on the one hand and attempts of instruction and intervention on the other.

Aboul Gheit outlined saying “what events and developments going on in Egypt would reshape the political future of the Country, however it is an Egyptian affair determined by Egyptians themselves and the world should only encourage this cultural interaction between the state, the people and the political powers, but without seeking to interfere, attempt to manage or influence it.”

The Foreign Minister added saying “Unfortunately, we still find some Officials and Politicians, especially from Western countries practice their favorite hobby in giving lessons as if the Egyptian people pays attention to their instructions and it seems some are still dealing with the same colonialist mentality, which we believed was over and with no return , that is a regrettable matter.”

Aboul Ghiet added “I say once again, and recommend those to stop giving instructions to what should be done in Egypt and what you would like to see in Egypt. Egypt is not under the guardianship of any of you.” He added saying “Egypt will achieve all its people cherished hopes in an essential development of its political life, and with full acceptance of the majority of the political and people's powers without heeding to those external influences.”

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