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France expects action from Iran on nuclear program

Over and above the latest statements by the Iranian President Ahmadinejad, what we are expecting is action:

  • compliance by Iran with UNSC and IAEA Board of Governors resolutions,
  • compliance by Iran with the international non-proliferation regime,
  • Iranian transparency with regard to its nuclear activities,
  • Iran willingness to engage seriously in genuine discussions with the 3+3.

Up to the present time, we can but observe that Iran has not responded to the various proposals for co-operation and dialogue that we have put forward and has not provided any sign that it was willing to engage in serious discussions on the content and aims of its nuclear programme.

On the contrary, and we know this, Iran is continuing its violation of UNSC and IAEA Board of Governors resolutions, accumulating 3.5% and 20% enriched uranium. It is indeed increasing its capacities to enrich uranium to near 20% enriched uranium production capacities thanks to the installation of a first cascade of centrifuges in its facility near Qom, as it is reflected indicated in IAEA latest report in September which states the Agency’s increasing concerns.

The three European countries (France, the United Kingdom and Germany) which, together with the United States, China and Russia, have been mandated to engage with Iran, under the EUHR’s hospice reaffirmed their proposals for co-operation and dialogue in Mrs Ashton’s statement on September 21st in New York. The Iranian negotiator M. Jalili ’s reply on September 6th to Mrs Ashton’s letter contains no positive element leading us to believe that Iran is ready to engage in a serious discussion.

We are waiting therefore for Iran to finally respond to all concerns expressed by the international community, and to restore international confidence on the exclusively peaceful nature of its nuclear programme. If not, Iran must expect international pressure to increase.

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