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Justice is key to national security, Thai PM said

On 29 December 2010, Santi Maitree Building, Government House, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, as Chairman of Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC), presided over the meeting of operations evaluation 2010 and action plan 2011 declaration of the ISOC. The Prime Minister also delivered policies in operating security affairs to allow the state units working with the ISOC to access information as a direction and apply the policies of the Prime Minister/Chairman of the ISOC efficiently and achieve the goals for the national security. The meeting was arranged by the ISOC and participated by the Internal Security Operations Committee, Chairman of Regional Security, Chairman of Provincial Security, concerned organizations and the media.

The Prime Minister said during the opening ceremony of the meeting of operations evaluation 2010 and action plan 2011 declaration meeting of the ISOC and giving the internal security policy session to administrators and operators that in 2010, the ISOC dealt with the situation and the problems in accordance with the measures to tackle with security problem, which aligned with the government’s policies and plans. Working with the public, the police and the army in integrating collaboration made many missions be completed successfully. Moreover, it reduced the gap between working with certain organizations and other sectors, eliminated overlap and supported operations of many organizations and enabled all to together solve the internal security problem more tangibly.

The Prime Minister thanked everyone and every concerned unit, as well as the public, for collaboration throughout the year 2010, which brought about accomplishment of all objectives and all works. However, it had to be admitted that in the year 2010, there were still some issues that affected security in many areas, particularly, problem of Southern Border Provinces, drugs, and problems affected by global and regional economic and social changes, such as, foreign labour, destruction of natural resources, and political rally, which could lead to unrest situation. Those made all works of all units harder. Amidst the situation full of conflicts or security threats, in many occasions, we could see strength and consideration of the Thai public to be a part of solving the problems. Coordination and participation of the public as well as understanding and supporting the operations of all Thais were important factors that could be the method of working, seeking cooperation and understanding and continuously creating network in the future, said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister said that facing challenges or threats made people and society more aware of significance of security and pay more attention to internal, external, regional, and global security situations than in the past. It was obvious that the threats toward security, especially the modern threats and challenges, had an effect toward living lives of people, no matter if they were economy, society, environment, drugs, terrorism, or international terrorism. The progress of country development would be difficult to succeed if the internal security problem in various dimensions still existed and appeared in new forms or even in the old forms but back with new problems, for example, border problem, political conflict, cultural, labour, and environmental problems. Hence, the procedure that could bring about security required development and judicial facilitator as key contributors, for instance, tackling with the southern border provinces problem. The government relied on the principle of creating harmony and the method of “Understanding, Approaching, and Developing” as main method, which eased the situations in many areas.

It also made state organizations receive more cooperation from the mass, people and communities nowadays, which made solving the problems in terms of security more efficient. However, development or judicial facilitation in the Southern Border Provinces must be continued and produce more concrete outcomes. The Prime Minister also gave encouragement to all who worked and supported the work of the ISOC and encouraged them to reserve the three main institutions of the country, which were the nation, the religion, and the monarch, as well as the security of the public.

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