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U.S. Senator Jim Webb reaffirmed the U.S. support for the Royal Thai Government’s reconciliation plan

On 2 June 2010, Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya gave an interview to the media after his meeting with Mr. Jim Webb, US Senator and Chairman of the East Asia and Pacific Affairs Subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who is on his trip to Republic of Korea, Thailand and Myanmar during 29 May – 6 June 2010. Gist as follows:

The Foreign Minister briefed Senator Webb about the current political situation in Thailand and related issues such as Royal Thai Government’s measures on the political development, democratic society and public participation, particularly the five–point reconciliation plan proposed by the Prime Minister, establishment of an academic committee to study the constitution, public hearing by all stakeholders in the society, establishment of an independent committee to review the facts of the situation, and relief measures to the affected people. The Foreign Minister also thanked Senator Webb for his active role in supporting the US Senators’ Resolution No. 538 “Affirming the support of the United States for a strong and vital alliance with Thailand” on 24 May 2010. The Resolution stated that “The United States supports the vital alliance of Thailand and calls for peace and stability in the Kingdom. It also urges all parties to renounce the use of violence and encourages the resolution of conflict through dialogue. Moreover, the Resolution supports the reconciliation roadmap proposed by the Prime Minister, and the action plan to hold free and fair elections.”

Senator Webb stated that the US monitored the situation and national reconciliation of Thailand which is an important ally of the US, and hoped for stability of the Kingdom’s political situation and society. After this visit, Senator Webb would travel to Myanmar to meet with the Myanmar’s leaders to discuss about the political situation there.

On this occasion, Foreign Minister Kasit hosted a dinner in honour of Senator Webb, during which both sides further exchanged views on the political situation of both countries.

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