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Arab foreign ministers decided to break Gaza siege

Syria - Arab Foreign Ministers decide to Break Gaza Siege, call for stopping all kinds of Normalization with Israel and Supporting Honorable Stance of Turkey

Arab Foreign Ministers decided to break the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza Strip, committed themselves to deliver medical and food aid and necessary construction materials and essential needs for the Palestinian people in the Strip by all means.

The ministers, concluding an emergency meeting of the Arab League Council (ALC) in Cairo late on Wednesday, held Israel internationally responsibile for the repercussions of its interception of the humanitarian aid and construction materials and closure of the border crossings to the movement of the individuals and goods.

The Ministers underlined commitment to the resolutions of the latest Arab Summit held in Sirte, Libya, particularly resolution No. 508 March 28 2010 which calls for stopping all kinds of normalization with Israel.

The Ministerial Council decided, in light of the Israeli challenge and violation, to submit a recommendation to the Arab Presidents, Kings and Emirs asking them to implement the statements made by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques during the Arab Economic Summit in Kuwait January 2009 that "the Arab Peace Initiative would not remain on the table forever".

The Ministers condemned the premeditated Israeli military aggression against the Freedom Flotilla in the international waters as a piracy and a state terrorism that threatens the stability and security of the Mediterranean Sea and violates the international law which protects navigation in the international waters, and the relevant international agreements as well as the principles of the humanitarian law.

The Ministers asked Lebanon, the Arab member at the UN Security Council, and the New York-based Arab Group to demand holding a meeting for the UN Security Council in coordination with Turkey and the friendly countries and groups to pass the required resolution to condemn the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza and to compel Israel to immediately lift it.

The statement demanded empowering AL Secretary General to send a message to the American Administration in this regard.

The Ministers called for an Arab action in coordination with Turkey and other bodies concerned to file a lawsuit before the specialized national and international courts, on top of which the International Court of Justice with regard to the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza Strip.

They also called for an immediate release of the rest of the kidnapped activists who were on board the Freedom Fleet in addition to the seized ships and the relief aid.

The ministers welcomed the resolution issued by the Human Rights Council on the formation of an independent fact-finding committee to investigate into Israeli violations of international law in its aggression on the aid flotilla, expressing appreciation of the countries which have voted for the resolution and frustration over those which have voted against.

The ministers also welcomed the stances of the countries which took strong and clear measures in the face of Israeli military aggression and condemned Israel.

They expressed frustration over some countries' stances in the UN Security Council which have hindered having an independent international investigation.

The ministers called for coordination with all law and humanitarian organizations to immediately take measures to expose all aspects of this issue, including the legal and humanitarian dimensions and address the world media to detect the crime and show its repercussions.They hailed Qatar's pledge to cover all the costs of the legal and media sides.

The ministers greeted all the activists who participated in this noble humanitarian mission and prayed for mercy on the martyrs' souls.

They also expressed appreciation and support to Turkey's honorable stance in addition to the international stances which have condemned the Israeli aggression and supported the Palestinian people and their just cause.

The ministers asked the Arab Delegation participating in the Arab-Turkish Cooperation Forum to express appreciation of the Turkish stances and to condole families of the martyrs.

They also asked the AL Secretary General to follow up the implementation of the resolutions.

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