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Moscow noted the "the constructive mindset" of the U.S. National Security Strategy regarding Russia

Russia - Foreign Ministry Press and Information Department’s Comment on the US National Security Strategy

An updated US National Security Strategy compared to the 2006 version was released in Washington on May 27.

Of course, each country has the right to define its own national strategy, based on national interests. But it is important that the realization of national goals proceed in line with the requirements of a stable and sustained global development.

From this perspective, we welcome the fact that the document declares a commitment to the principles of multilateral cooperation, multipronged diplomacy, “a democratic and equitable international order,” sustainable economic development and combating threats to international security.

We note the constructive mindset to build “a stable, substantive, multidimensional relationship” with our country, based on mutual interests with emphasis on such priorities as nonproliferation, nuclear disarmament, confronting violence extremism, and economic cooperation by seeking new trade and investment arrangements.

Against the backdrop of these positive elements, the appeals brought from earlier times and implicitly addressed to Russia to be “peaceful,” to “respect international norms,” to “act as a responsible partner in Europe and Asia,” moreover formulated in the context of the declared US commitment to “support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia’s neighbors” seem to be obviously dissonant.

We believe that the Reset Policy declared by Barack Obama is not opportunistic, but long-term. It is in the interest of our countries not to look back on the past, but to move forward towards a qualitative transformation of our relationship. A lot here depends on the consistency of our actions, regard for the capacity build-up for mutual understanding and trust and actual observance of the principles of equality. Only then can good intentions in action, not words turn into good deeds.

We proceed from just this understanding of the goals in relations between our countries and expect that the US leadership as it pursues the new Strategy will also follow a similar approach in its practical politics.

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