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Iranian FM Manouchehr Mottaki met with Lebanese PM Saad Hariri

Tehran called on the Lebanese government to seriously pursue the case with the fate of the four Iranian diplomats abducted in Lebanon in 1982.

The issue was raised in a meeting between Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki and visiting Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri here in Tehran on Sunday night.

At the meeting, Mottaki asked Beirut to launch a serious probe into the case of the Iranians kidnapped in Lebanon.

Elsewhere during the meeting, Mottaki referred to the relations between Tehran and Beirut, and said the Islamic Republic of Iran is highly interested in maintaining stability, security as well as national unity and convergence in Lebanon.

Noting that cooperation between the two countries will pave the way for regional convergence, he reiterated, "All regional potentials should be used to reach convergence in the region and if we utilize the intra-regional capacities, we will become less interested and hold weaker belief in using the potentials existing outside the region."

'I feel I am visiting my home,' Hariri said in a meeting with Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki Sunday evening.

He stressed that Beirut was willing to promote bilateral ties with Tehran to the highest level particularly in the fields of economic and trade activities.

Hariri said his visit to Iran was a 'serious message for expansion of Iran-Arab relations.'

He also reiterated Beirut's support for Tehran's peaceful nuclear activities.

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