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Azerbaijan - Ahmet Davutoglu: “There is full coordination between Turkey and Azerbaijan on their next steps”

“Russian president Medvedev will visit Turkey in upcoming days and one of the main issues we will discuss will be occupied Azerbaijani lands.

We see this issue as our own problem and we are trying to keep this issue on agenda everywhere. There is full coordination between Turkey and Azerbaijan on their next steps. There is no matter that can damage Turkish-Azerbaijani friendship. Everyone should know that”, said Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu in his address to the Turkish parliament on April 26. “Turkish-Armenian relations will be normalized as it was in other neighbor countries. We want to realize it. In parallel, Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict will find its solution by ending the occupation of Azerbaijani lands. Turkish-Armenian and Turkish-Azerbaijani borders will be opened. It means that there will be a corridor from Erzrum to Central Asia”.

The minister said if the protocols signed with Armenia were introduced in the form contrary to the spirit and text of these documents Turkey would get a right to make necessary steps. He said the parliaments would ratify the protocols while relevant political situation was created. Davutoglu said dynamics were created on the eve of 24 April as it was every year and Turkey showed necessary reaction to that. “The dynamics happened this year too. As a consequence, Mr Sargsyan froze the ratification of the protocols for some political reasons, but he didn’t say that the process was stopped and the protocols were dropped from agenda. When the political situation is created – everyone knows its terms – when relevant political psychology is created, the protocols will be approved by the parliaments”.

Davutoglu said Turkey was not an ordinary country and Ankara was taking deep interest in the developments in Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. “We don’t want status quo to continue in the Caucasus because it is not in favor of fraternal Azerbaijan, Armenia or Georgia and Russia and Iran as well. But there were not brave actions to change this status quo. Our purpose is to change this status quo in right direction. The stone has already moved from the place and it should be set in its place that it can bring peace and stability to the Caucasus. This is our purpose”.

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