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South Korean President Lee urges denuclearization of North Korea

The President, currently visiting the United States, said South Korea and the international community are willing to help the North if Pyongyang gives up its nuclear program and chooses the path to common prosperity and mutual benefit.

The President urged North Korea to give up its nuclear program and come forward to the international community in his keynote speech at the United Nations General Assembly on September 21 in New York.

In his speech, The President expressed his hope "to see North Korea enjoy peace and prosperity by becoming a responsible member of the international community."

"In the 21st century," the president said, "we must first work together if we wish to attain peace and prosperity. This is a historical trend and the DPRK must take part´┐Ż we will be ready to help along with the international community when the DPRK chooses the path to mutual benefit and common prosperity."

Later that day, The President held summit talks with the new Japanese prime minister, Yoshihiko Noda, who also attended the UN General Assembly. At the summit, the two leaders discussed ways to enhance bilateral economic cooperation and expand human resources and cultural exchanges. They also agreed to work together on Korea-Japan free trade negotiations.

In regard to the North Korean issue, the two heads of state agreed to cooperate closely with each other and with the United States since the North Korean issue is directly related to peace and stability for the world, not just for Northeast Asia.

Earlier in the day, The President also had a meeting with World Economic Forum Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab. At the meeting, the two discussed issues of the world economy, including the growing economic uncertainty caused by the financial crisis in advanced countries, and green growth and development policies as ways to achieve sustainable global economic growth.

At the meeting, The President stressed the important role of newly emerging economies to effectively respond to the current crisis, which is different from the previous economic crisis in 2008. For this reason, he said the Group of 20 (G20) member countries need to play an active role in solving the economic crisis.

The President attended a high-level meeting on nuclear safety at the UN on the same day. At the meeting, The President said the use of atomic energy is inevitable in order to achieve low-carbon, green growth. He also added that atomic power safety measures need to be strengthened.

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