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Sudanese president Al Bashir meets EU delegation, investigates cooperation

Khartoum - Head of Foreign Relations in the Parliament, Mahdi Ibrahim said that the meeting President Al Bashir and European Union (EU) held in the Friendship Wednesday investigated probable partnerships between Sudan and EU.

They also put into account European countries appeal to cooperate with Sudan in boosting development in the country alongside with reviewing appropriate approaches for tackling Sudan's foreign debts.

The President briefed the EU delegation on recent political development, outlining strategies adopted by government to enhance democracy in the country in addition to transition from war to peace.

He said that the President explained to the delegation that Sudan is targeted negatively by particular countries, affirming that stability of Sudan means stability of the entire continent.
According to Mahdi, the President affirmed government's respect to southerners' desire, adding that the President briefed the delegation on Sudan's stance towards Abyei issue.

Mahdi pointed out that the EU delegation expressed appreciation of situations in Sudan, pledging to cooperate with government so as to preserve sustainable peace. Furthermore, Head of European Network for Supporting Peace in Sudan affirmed that the meeting conducted with Al Bashir has been fruitful, stressing importance of mutual understanding between north and south post secession upon economic issues and support of agriculture.

He confirmed network's commitment to support of stability of Sudan, adding that preserving peace needs more efforts to be exerted by all parties.

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