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Germany - Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle: Iran’s offer a “first step”, but “does not solve the underlying problem”

On 25 May 2010 Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle issued the following statement on Iran:

“Yesterday Iran officially transmitted its offer to enrich its uranium abroad to the IAEA. It is now up to the IAEA and the relevant countries to closely examine the substance of that offer.

While Iran’s announcement of its offer to enrich its uranium abroad is a first step, a possible agreement on this does not solve the underlying problem, i.e., that the international community’s serious concerns about the Iranian nuclear programme’s exclusively civilian nature have for many years been left unanswered. Moreover, to date Iran has not shown any willingness to embark on serious negotiations with the E3+3 countries on this issue.

Our position has not changed: We are continuing to persuade Iran to return to comprehensive and full cooperation with the international community as soon as possible. We need complete transparency regarding Iran’s nuclear programme. This is of course one of the themes currently being discussed by the UN Security Council. With regard to the core issue, Iran has a continuing responsibility to ensure complete transparency – this is a clear international obligation and indeed my expectation.”

* The conflict surrounding the Iranian nuclear programme

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