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EU conclusions aims at destabilizing Syria, official says

An official source in the name of the Syrian Arab Republic said Monday ''Syria deplores and condemns the conclusions issued by the EU against it and its people while Syria seeks to preserve its security and stability and to get engaged in a comprehensive national dialogue that leads to completing the reform plans in economic, political and social fields, according to the specified national timetable.''

The source added ''The EU conclusions, like those of the US, clearly aim at flagrant interference in Syria's internal affairs and an attempt to destabilize it and control its people's decisions and capabilities at present and in the future.''

''Britain and France, the old colonial countries who were responsible for Sykes–Picot Agreement, played the main role in issuing these conclusions, paying no heed to the security and interests of the Syrian people and of the people of the region.''

''Sykes–Picot Agreement, which was announced early last century, was a prelude to establish Israel, and what is being planned now against Syria is but a prelude to consolidate Israel as a Jewish state and ensure its supremacy in the region, which calls to mind the policies of old colonialism against which our people have long strived, and is still striving, as to foil.''

The source added ''As Syria stresses resolve to complete the reform programs, it affirms full commitment to its independent national decision, its full sovereignty and care about the security of its own citizens and the future of its people. It considers that any measures against it will not make it deviate from its national and pan-Arab path, whatever sacrifices it might take.''

The EU Council of the European Union, in its 3091st Foreign affairs Council meeting today, adopted some conclusions including:

-to suspend all preparations in relation to new bilateral cooperation programs and to suspend the ongoing bilateral programs with the Syrian authorities under the ENPI and MEDA instruments.

-to invite the EIB to not approve new EIB financing operations in Syria for the time being.

-it will not take further steps with regard to the Association Agreement with Syria.

-to further strengthen restrictive measures by designating additional persons, including the highest level of leadership.

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