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Yemeni President Saleh calls for early presidential election

A speech was delivered by President Ali Abdullah Saleh addressing a rally at al-Sab'in Square in Sana´┐Ża on the occasion of the Friday of the 22 May.

Welcome the anniversary of unity, freedom, and democracy and congratulations to all of you, men and women. Thank you for your good and abundant feelings.

I call on all brothers and friends; I repeatedly call on all our brothers and friends to put on white not black glasses. The white glasses so they can see our people who came from all over the country chanting: Yes for constitutional legitimacy. No for chaos. No for coups. No for blocking roads and cutting tongues. Yes for unity, freedom, democracy, security, stability, and development.

I salute our Yemeni people on the occasion of the national day 22 May which we will celebrate on Saturday, God willing.

I cannot but express my gratitude and appreciation for all our people: men, women, chieftains, scholars, intellectuals, politicians, and civil society organizations. Our people withstood the coups, infidelity, and treason for four months. Our people will remain steadfast.

We call for an early presidential election to prevent bloodshed and preserve integrity that will be conducted in a democratic and smooth way. We are with the election. Your General People's Congress and the alliance parties will remain, whether in office or outside, to teach them how the opposition should be because they do not know how the opposition is. We will teach you the culture of responsible opposition. No for blocking roads. No for cutting tongues. No for betrayal.

I salute you our people everywhere. Have a blessed Friday and may God's peace and blessings be upon you.

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