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France welcomes the formation of a Syrian National Council

All initiatives aimed at unifying the opposition and which offer the prospect of a democratic Syria that respects all of its citizens are helpful at a time when the Syrian regime is continuing to pursue its policy of brutal repression and is seeking to divide communities.

Q - What can you tell us about the reception of a Syrian delegation?

We received one delegation yesterday and one today. Various meetings are planned. We’ve been in contact with the Syrian opposition for a long time now.

Q - France was the first country to recognize the Libyan TNC. Do you have such plans for Syria?

We’re firstly observing the situation in Syria. Every day, we denounce the events in Syria. We learned at the Human Rights Council that the death toll as a result of the crackdown had already reached 2,600. We’re working with our European partners on a new round of sanctions against the Damascus regime. The third fact is that we’re continuing our efforts at the UN in order to bring an end to the violence that’s been going on for 6 months. The Syrians are trying to organize themselves, under very difficult and dangerous circumstances. Meetings are taking place; they’re in the process of organizing themselves. We’re meeting with them and talking with them. We’re encouraging them, especially since the crackdown is being relentlessly pursued in Syria.

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