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The international community stands together on Libya

Addressing NATO Foreign Ministers, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel emphasised the international community’s determination "to put an end to Gaddafi’s war against his own people", stressing that each of the Ministers must make their own contribution to implementing Resolution 1973, both militarily and non-militarily. She added that the crucial issue was to find a political solution for.

The Federal Chancellor underlined the fact that NATO was playing a central role here, as with other international challenges, and that all the NATO member states shared the objectives of UN Resolution 1973. The UN Security Council resolution authorised the imposition of a no-fly zone and granted the power to protect the civilian population.

Chancellor Merkel continued by stating that both military and non-military contributions were important for enforcing the resolution, supplemented by the willingness to mount an EU operation in support of humanitarian aid supplies if the United Nations should request this.

Political solution needed

"The outcome – and this is important – must and will be a political solution for ”, clarified the Federal Chancellor, adding that this must restore the freedom and dignity of the Libyan people.

She continued by noting that the new political forces would also require political support, for instance by means of political foundations or help in holding elections. Financial aid for the entire region would also be central to this. The Federal Chancellor stressed that the people of have to see an economic perspective in their country and need to be involved in developing this.

NATO: "Anchor of our security”

Chancellor Merkel pointed out that the Meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers was being held against the background of far-reaching changes in the , and that the new strategic concept would have to take account of challenges such as crisis management, the security of cyberspace and energy supplies, and the networked approach to security.

She added that continued intensive discussion was still needed with a large number of partners on the subjects of NATO’s involvement in , the development of an anti-missile system, disarmament and arms control.

The Federal Chancellor made her speech just a few metres away from the Brandenburger Tor. She pointed out that NATO had made a major contribution to the fall of the wall and the "victory of freedom”. She stated that people in the Arab world were now being driven by the "longing for freedom, human dignity and self-determination”, adding: "This is what drives us”. In her view NATO remains the underlying structure for the transatlantic community of values. "Hence as a result of our beliefs we bear joint responsibility throughout the world – from the Balkans to ”.

The Federal Chancellor spoke on the occasion of the Meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers in on 14 and 15 April, which was held in for the first time since 1996. As well as the situation in , the Foreign Ministers also discussed the implementation of the ’s new strategic concept and its mission in , with the latter talks also including representatives of troop providers who are not members of the . The agenda for the second day of the conference included an internal session as well as meetings with the partners , and Georgia.

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