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Iranian President announced Iran’s four preconditions for talks with 5+1

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced Iran’s four preconditions for talks with Group 5+1.

Addressing the massive gathering of people in the northwestern city of Ardebil, he said one precondition for Iran to take part in the talks is that the 5+1 should make it clear whether they are committed to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) regulations.

Second, he said, they should explain what their objective is with conducting talks with Iran: is it negotiation and friendship or animosity?

Furthermore, the President added, the 5+1 should make it clear whether they are to follow rules and logics or are to make ballyhoo by issuing statements if they feel they are failing.

Ahmadinejad said they should also announce their views about the atomic bombs the Zionist regime possesses.

He said if Westerners chose to maintain silence when posed by these questions, then it will mean that they are not committed to the IAEA regulations, back the Zionists’ nuclear bombs, are not following logic in the talks and do not mean friendship and peace.

Noting that the Iranian nation will deal differently with those who neglect logic and rules in talks and mean animosity, President Ahmadinejad stressed that the Iranian nation was not willing to withdraw from its rights.

He said Iran has stressed from the very beginning that they have no way but talk with Iran but, he added, any such dialogue should be based on justice and respect.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday reiterated national determination to secure its legitimate and international rights.

President Ahmadinejad made the remarks in Ardebil four months after the latest UN resolution against Iran.

The move (UN sanctions) has bolstered national solidarity, self-esteem and courage to Iranian nation, he said.

Brave Iranian nation for many times has declared that anyone seeking to reconcile with the enemies will be omitted from the decision making level, he said.

“The global arrogance has been disappointed to overcome the Iranian nation and has declared that they are ready to talk with Iran while from the early stages we have repeatedly underlined that Iran seeks friendly talks,” said President Ahmadinejad.

'The ill-wishers assumed that UN resolutions and posing threats to Iran will lead us to weaker position so that they would take upper hand but now four months after issuing resolution they found out that they have made big mistake.'

Referring to the readiness of the G5+1 for resumption of talks with Iran, he said Iran has already announced that negotiations would be the only option for them to resolve their differences with Iranian nation.

Elaborating on attitude of the great Iranian nation toward the western governments. President Ahmadinejad said that in Iran 'even a five-year old child is not afraid from your actions and even the elementary school goers mock you'.

He said that the western governments seeking negotiations with Iran must give assurances that they prefer friendship with Iran rather than hostility and the negotiations must not be exploited as a prelude to another premeditiated resolution with the United Nations.

Talks with Iran should be based on justice and mutual respect considering four preconditions already set by the Islamic Republic of Iran, he said.

“We have already declared that we abide by the International Atomic Energy Agency Safeguards Agreement and regulations and we will never accept double-standard policy about Iranian nuclear program,” he said.

'You should accept that in the negotiations you will abide by logic and rule of law.'

You should also express your view about the Israeli stockpiling of nuclear arms, said the Iranian president.

President Ahmadinejad invited the world nations to develop collective management of the international community in order to promote peace and security among all nations.

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