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European missile shield will be viable only if Russia participates as an equal partner

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's messages to heads of state of NATO-Russia Council members:

Dmitry Medvedev sent messages to the heads of state of the NATO-Russia Council (NRC) members outlining the Russian Federation's position on antiballistic missile defence (ABM).

In particular, the messages emphasize that the Lisbon summit of the NATO-Russia Council of November 20, 2010 created new opportunities to build a strategic partnership based on the principles of equality, the indivisibility of security, mutual trust, transparency and predictability.

President Medvedev reiterated Russia's readiness to assume responsibility for maintaining strategic stability and security, including by creating a European-wide missile defence system, as declared in Lisbon. The messages note that a European missile shield will be truly effective and viable only if Russia participates as an equal partner, and stress the need to ensure that missile defence structures deployed in Europe do not undermine strategic stability nor are directed against any of the parties.

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