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Iran-China relations are "strategic and sustainable", Presidents stressed

Presidents of Iran and China called ties between the two countries 'strategic' and 'sustainable' and underlined necessity of increasing and consolidating bilateral, regional and international cooperation between Tehran and Beijing, and pointing to Iran nuclear issue said that dialogue is the only way to resolve the nuclear dispute.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad conferred with his Chinese counterpart on the sidelines of the Tenth Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit slated to open in Astana on June 15.

Dr.Ahmadinejad and Hu Jintao discussed the level of Tehran-Beijing relations as well as the avenues for their development. They also focused on regional and international issues.

Referring to importance of coordination between the two countries concerning regional issues and North Africa, President Ahmadinejad said: �Iran believes nations of the region are able to solve their own problems and interference of alien countries in the regional issues, not only does not help solve the problem, but makes them more complicated.�

Dr.Ahmadinejad, by referring to Iran's nuclear issue, appreciated China's transparent stance in this concern and added that Iran has always been eager for interaction, dialogue and logic and today we are ready again for constructive and positive dialogue and we believe if both sides take the path of dialogue and interaction instead of confrontation, it will be beneficial for both sides.

Referring to historical and cultural commonalities between Iran and China,President Ahmadinejad stated that mutual relations in recent years have had a noticeable growth and Iran, considering its existing capacities, has proposed clear offers for promoting ties and cooperation.

President Ahmadinejad also accepted President Jintao invitation to pay an official visit to China and proposed that because of the occasion of the 40th anniversary of establishment of ties, the two countries hold joint ceremonies.

President Hu Jintao said that because of strengthening mutual confidence between the two countries in recent years, bilateral ties have increased and continued that Iran is an effective and important country in the region and that Beijing gives special importance to its ties with Iran as the second trade partner in the west Asia.

He said that Beijing believes that expansion of bilateral relations between Iran and China is not only beneficial for both countries, but beneficial for world peace and security.

Underscoring the importance of expansion of international and regional cooperation of the two countries, the Chinese president said that China, like Iran, opposes alien interference in countries of the region and believes that all issues should be solved through peaceful and diplomatic means.

President Jintao stressed that China defends Iran's peaceful nuclear program and believes that negotiation and dialogue are the best way to solve the issue

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