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UN Member States report further violation by Iran of 2006 nuclear programme sanctions

The head of the Security Council committee set up to monitor and enforce sanctions imposed on Iran over its nuclear programme said it had received new complaints about the country’s launch of ballistic missiles and clarified concerns or issues over several other matters.

Ambassador Néstor Osorio of Colombia, outlining the work since late June of the committee established as a result of a Council resolution adopted in 2006, also detailed other ongoing investigations by the committee into previously reported violations of the sanctions.

The Council has imposed four rounds of sanctions against Iran since 2006, including a ban on all items which could contribute to the country’s enrichment of uranium, a freeze of assets and a prohibition on arms sales.

In May, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and stressed the need for Iran to continue negotiations with concerned countries over the status of its nuclear programme, and to cooperate fully with the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Iran has repeatedly stated that its nuclear programme is for the peaceful purpose of providing energy, but many countries contend it is seeking to develop nuclear weapons.

Speaking today, Mr. Osorio reported that a UN Member State had given it additional information about a previously reported violation by Iran of a ban on exporting and procuring arms and related materials, and that four countries had jointly submitted information on an alleged violation of a ban against launches involving ballistic missile technology.

The ambassador said the committee, with the help of a panel of experts, had been able to clarify that an unnamed country was not involved in an illegal arms trans-shipment.

Mr. Osorio added that the committee had clarified matters regarding the disposal of confiscated cargo aboard a particular ship, the payment of a contract signed before the sanctions were imposed, and the ownership of companies or shares by individuals and entities named under the sanctions regime.

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