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UN’s anti-Iran resolution was last gunshot at UNSC, Ahmadinejad said

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the UN’s June 9 anti-Iran resolution is a last gunshot at the UN Security Council.

Addressing a press conference on Friday, President Ahmadinejad said the resolution showed that the UN Security Council is a tool in the hand of the US government.

He said the resolution indicates that the UN Security Council does not belong to nations.

“The UN Security Council showed that is not democratic and has a dictatorial structure,” said the president, adding that in Iranian nation’s point of view the resolution has no legal value and it became clear that the UN Security Council is not the least helpful.

“Before showing their might, the resolution indicates their political weakness. If they think some should follow the resolution, they are badly mistaken. The resolution was the last gunshot at (the US President) Barack Obama.”

Mr President said that the UN’s recent anti-Iran resolution is an end to the US President Barack Obama and his slogan of change.
“Recent resolution means an end to the US President and to his slogan of change. That was the last gunshot to the US government; the government which tried through deception to concurrently occupy countries, massacre millions of people and support the most dictators, while chanting slogan of freedom and human rights,” said President Ahmadinejad in a press conference.

Calling former US President George W. Bush “the most hated figure in contemporary history”, President Ahmadinejad said the resolution brought defeat and fiasco for its architects.

He said the country which should be expelled from the International Atomic Energy Agency is first of all the US government.

“The US government has produced and used nuclear bombs. Now that it threatens nations by nuclear bombs, it is not eligible to remain in the IAEA,” he said.

“On the one hand, they issue resolutions to talk with us but this is the logic of bullies and dictators.”

He said dialogue will be meaningful if is held in an atmosphere of friendship not hostility. “We advise them to take a look at destiny of former US governments.”
He noted that Iran has no problem with peaceful nuclear activity and bullying governments is its only problem.

“The conflict is caused by something else. Nuclear issue is a pretext. The US government wants to swallow the Middle East so as to dominate the world. Iran will not give such a permission to the US and we will not be deceived by the dishonest people.”

He said that as far as recent anti-Iran resolution of the UN is concerned, the US is the only party that Iran is faced with.
“Some announced that the resolution will open the way to diplomacy but the reality is that our subject in this respect is the US. Abusing the UN Security Council, the US wants to dictate its wishes to others. But we will not allow them (Americans) to swallow the Middle East no matter they go up and down thousands of times,” said President Ahmadinejad in a press conference here on Friday.

President Ahmadinejad said the US is not against atom bomb because it has equipped the Zionist regime with the bomb and supports its crimes.

Resolution is a minor issue and is used to send wrong signals, said the president, adding, “These want to save the Zionist regime but Israel will not be revived by such things.”

President said that Americans are traditionally accustomed to interfering in others' affairs.
Addressing a press conference, President Ahmadineajd criticized the US President Barack Obama for poking his nose in Iran’s internal affairs, saying, “We consider the conduct of Obama due to his incompetence and as a result of US’ age-old habit of interfering in other countries’ internal affairs.”

He said other reason Obama interferes in other countries’ affairs is his attempt to divert public opinion from the US problems and cover up Israel problems.

He referred to 85 percent strong public turn out in the June 12 2009 elections in Iran which resulted in his election as Iran’s president with 65 percent of votes cast in his favor.

He added that Iranian nation is the most united nation worldwide.

Asked to comment on the `no' votes of Turkey and Brazil to the UN resolution, he said there is no consensus in the UN Security Council, rather force and dictation governs it. “The front of independent states is soon expanding and unilateralism should be soon scrapped.”

Iran is an IAEA member and a NPT signatory, having the maximum level cooperation with the Agency, he noted.

On fuel supply to Tehran Research Reactor, he said Iran annually needs fuel enriched to the level of 20 percent for the sake of research so as to cure 800,000 patients.

He said Turkey and Brazil held talks with Iran on a call by the US President, urging Tehran to accept fuel swap offer but “we said the US is a liar, however, accepted holding talks just as a gesture of respect to the two governments.”

Thanking Brazil and Turkey for giving negative vote to the UN resolution, he said the one that defeated in terms of sincerity was the US.

Today, the US government is the most hated government worldwide and they issue resolutions to cover up Zionist regime’s political fiasco, he said.

“Today, Iran is capable of producing fuel to 20 percent level and it accepted swap only for the sake of cooperation and engagement. We do not need 20 percent fuel today and the fuel will be of no use but for peaceful ends. We believe all nations should have the capability to produce nuclear fuel to safeguard independence,” he noted.

He said that gone is the era of bullying, aggression, occupation and using force in global relations thanks to nations’ awakening.
Addressing a press conference, President Ahmadinejad said to ensure its survival and expansion, capitalism needs domination on others, violation of others’ rights, aggression and occupation.

He said peace and security are among causes of the community of human beings. “Peace and security are the requisites to mankind’s aspirations and progress.”

He criticized certain states for jeopardizing peace and security for the sake of their own financial interests, saying some individuals consider their power lying on others' humiliation, aggression and bullying. “But what weakens a government and power is injustice.”

Undoubtedly, no power will last by injustice, he said.

In major parts of the world, the international political system is unilateral and unfair, said the president, adding that those, who by relying on force and intimidation and abusing global relations, want to dictate their wishes to the independent and freedom seeking nations, are mistaken.

He said Iran has extensive relations with all countries, with an exception of two to three states. “We have broad cultural and economic relations with the People’s Republic of China and consider no obstacle on the way of expanding our ties. Iran’s economic ties with the US is in the lowest possible level. The US is deprived of Iran market, trying to compensate it. But our relations with others are at a good level and will improve.”

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