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Cyprus President Christofias: There can be no solution to the Cyprus problem without the return of Morphou

“There can be no solution to the Cyprus problem without the return of Morphou”, the President of the Republic Mr Demetris Christofias pointed out yesterday.

Addressing the Morphou anti-occupation event, President Christofias stated that the Greek Cypriot side desires a further increase of the territories that will be returned under Greek Cypriot administration than that provided for in the Annan Plan, noting that the return of the majority of Greek Cypriots under Greek Cypriot administration would render the property chapter less complex and its solution easier.

In his speech, the President of the Republic referred to his three proposals aimed at speeding up the negotiation process of the solution of the Cyprus problem and creating a more favourable climate for the solution itself.

“Our proposals on the property issue have as their focal point the right of the legal owner to choose; to choose whether to ask for restitution of his property, for an exchange or for compensation. Our proposals are based on the international Conventions on Human Rights, the UN Security Council resolutions and the international law. They also take into account the decisions of Court of Human Rights of the Council of Europe”, the President noted.

Referring to the Turkish Cypriot side’s proposals on the property issue, the President pointed out that they are presented in an impressive way, but their essence is that they lead to the obligatory compensation of a large majority of owners of property, to the exchange of fewer properties and to an even lesser restoration of properties. “It is a philosophy that cannot be accepted and one that is in contradiction with the human rights of the Cypriot citizens”, he stressed.

President Christofias also said that the Turkish Cypriot proposals on the Cyprus issue are not in line with the principle of one state, with a single sovereignty, a single citizenship and a single international personality. “We call, once again, on the Turkish Cypriot leadership and Turkey, if they really want a solution by the end of the year as they claim, to change their approach. It is no coincidence that we appeal again today to Turkey; Turkey is still the key to the solution of the Cyprus problem”, he added.

Concluding, President Christofias underlined that the solution of the Cyprus problem will be achieved with a creative approach and creative proposals from both sides, on the negotiating table. “This has been our side’s stance so far. We expect the international community not to be fooled by impressive words and wrappings, but to see the essence and turn, with determination, towards those who obstruct the course of the solution,” he added.

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