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"Total liberation of Libya is getting closer," he said

Tunisian Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs confers with Libya's NTC vice-president:

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Radhouane Nouicer conferred, on Friday in Tunis, with Libya's National Transition Council (NTC) vice-president Abdelhafidh Al-Ghouga.

The Libyan official reasserted, on behalf of the NTC and the Libyan people, deep thanks and "acknowledgement to the Tunisian government and people's solidarity with their Libyan brothers in their revolution against tyranny and oppression."

He gave an account on the latest developments in Libya, pointing out that the insurgents are on the verge of entirely controlling the city of Sirte.

"Total liberation of Libya is getting closer," he said, "as soon as the city of Beni-Walid, besieged by the rebels, will be liberated of the last forces loyal to Gueddafi."

In turn, Mr. Nouicer said that Tunisia had honoured "a fraternal and sacred duty" towards the Libyan people and the refugees forced to flee violence.

"The success of the Tunisian and Libyan revolutions showed to the world the solidity of the ties binding our peoples who suffered from practices of their former regimes" he added.

The Secretary of State reiterated total readiness of the Tunisian government to boost co-ordination and collaboration with NTC in the service of the two countries' and the two brotherly peoples' interes

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