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Thai army has reiterated that it has acted proportionately

Thai military response to Cambodia is to protect country’s sovereignty, National Security Council Secretary-General Thawil Pliangsri told during a meeting with relevant agencies chaired by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

On February 8, 2011, 2.30 P.M., at the Office of National Security Council, the Government House, Secretary General to the National Security Council Mr Thawil Pliangsri held a press conference after Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva chaired a meeting of National Security Council with relevant agencies. NSC Sec Gen told the press that the NSC held a meeting to acknowledge the report on the recent clash between Thailand and Cambodia at the border from the Ministry of Defense. It was reported that the incident was a skirmish between the Thai and Cambodian military, rather than a full-blown war.

What is more, the report noted that the situation was contained within just an area and unrelated to the trade issues, and that the people outside the area have not been affected. It was also reported that as of now, the situation remains calm.In addition, the relief measures for people in the area who were affected by the situation were brought up at the meeting by the Ministry of Interior. The evacuation plan implemented by the Ministry of Interior and the army has been running smoothly, it was reported. As for the cause of the clash on the Thai-Cambodian border, the NSC Sec Gen admitted that the reason lies with the border dispute which has been prolonged for a considerable period of time since both countries claim the 4.6 square metres as their own. Both sides have been backed up by their evidences, said the NSC Sec Gen.

However, from the report, the NSC sec Gen said that it is clear that the army has been performing their duty in protecting the country’s sovereignty as well as the safety in the people’s lives and properties. The army should be honoured and given moral support as they have been doing their best in protecting the nation’s sovereignty.

Regarding the military practices, the army has reiterated that it has acted proportionately and reasonably to the attack launched by the Cambodians. The negotiation is still on the table, but there will not be any rush to negotiate. Though, channels for dialogue remain open so that diplomatic and peaceful solution can be achieved, benefiting both nations.

The NSC Sec Gen also remarked on the letter Cambodian government sent to the United Nations Security Council and ASEAN. The NSC Sec Gen stated explicitly that the matter remains a bilateral issue between Thailand and Cambodia. The Indonesian Foreign Minister, as the ASEAN chair, called on the Minister of Foreign Affairs, yesterday, after he met with the Cambodian Foreign Minister the day earlier. The ASEAN chair has stated that the general consensus in ASEAN nations has been that the issue is a bilateral matter that should be resolved by Thailand and Cambodia since the frame for dialogue has been established already.

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