Qadhafi and his regime have lost all legitimacy, U.S. diplomat said17:52.422011-04-28
Syria - International diplomats: No agreement at Security Council on issuing a joint statement regarding Syria17:52.312011-04-28
President Obama to nominate Panetta to succeed Gates17:52.202011-04-28
Chinese military becomes more transparent with regular news briefings17:52.082011-04-28
Respect for fundamental freedoms must prevail over violence12:28.032011-04-27
NATO sees momentum gain in protecting Libyans12:07.312011-04-27
We had to retaliate in self-defence, Thai authorities claim12:07.192011-04-27
Iranian Diplomat considered "persona non grata" in Bahrain12:06.562011-04-27
Tripoli wants to reach a political settlement, Libyan FM told Russian counterpart15:28.562011-04-26
NATO, Afghan Forces make "huge" gains in North15:28.452011-04-26
Military chiefs of SCO nations vow closer cooperation15:28.342011-04-26
Syria: UN chief urges end to violence and calls for credible probe into killings15:28.212011-04-26
Security Council extends mandate of UN committee on weapons of mass destruction11:38.002011-04-21
U.S., Pakistan work through tensions, Mullen says11:37.502011-04-21
Ban voices concern at deadlock in UN-backed negotiations on Western Sahara11:37.382011-04-21
South Korea concerned over safety of North Korea's nuclear facilities11:37.282011-04-21
UN and Libya reach agreement on humanitarian presence in Tripoli16:21.202011-04-20
More balanced approach needed to ensure global postal security16:21.082011-04-20
Opium cultivation in Afghanistan expected to fall despite high prices16:20.542011-04-20
China wants common development and a harmonious Asia16:20.412011-04-20
The international community stands together on Libya20:27.592011-04-19
China, UK agree to enhance cooperation on international issues20:27.482011-04-19
India and Kazakhstan consolidate their strategic partnership20:27.372011-04-19
On the way to open a new chapter in the EU-Ukraine relationship20:27.262011-04-19
U.S., Afghan forces hold former insurgent havens13:26.582011-04-18
NATO and Russia move forward the Lisbon agenda13:26.162011-04-18
Situation in Syria escalates, hence a joint demarche by European Ambassadors13:26.062011-04-18
Leaders describe path to peace in Libya13:25.552011-04-18
Leaders of major emerging economies gather in China for BRICS summit11:11.422011-04-14
UNSC calls for formation of an all-inclusive Government in Cote d'Ivoire11:11.322011-04-14
"In Libya, it's imperative to avoid a carnage," Italian FM Frattini said11:11.212011-04-14
Military spending levels remain out of control, UN official says11:11.102011-04-14
Côte d’Ivoire: Ban warns against retribution towards Gbagbo’s supporters11:16.572011-04-13
China, Brazil push for closer ties11:16.442011-04-13
NATO has continued to dismantle the fighting ability of the Gaddafi regime11:16.322011-04-13
Exchange is key to sound relations between U.S. and China11:16.182011-04-13
British, Italian FMs agreed that the situation in Syria is deeply troubling09:26.252011-04-12
Ex-leader of Côte d'Ivoire surrenders to forces loyal to elected president09:26.132011-04-12
GCC countries invite the Yemeni government and the opposition to meet09:26.002011-04-12
7th China-U.S. defense ministry working level meeting held in Beijing09:25.472011-04-12
IMF to help restore growth and financial stability in Portugal12:02.002011-04-11
Situations similar to Libya unlikely, Gates says12:01.482011-04-11
OIC is committed to Yemen's security and stability12:01.342011-04-11
UN chief voices concern at escalating violence in Gaza and southern Israel12:01.232011-04-11
Haiti will continue to need strong international support, Ban tells Security Council10:18.532011-04-08
U.S. Army Gen. Austin notes progress over eight years in Iraq10:18.412011-04-08
EU must stop arms sale to Syria, Bahrain and Yemen; MEPs said10:18.292011-04-08
Reforming the United Nations: The Future of U.S. Policy10:18.162011-04-08
China to advance military and civilian mapping development10:00.522011-04-07
U.S.-Saudi Relationship "in a good place," Gates says10:00.392011-04-07
NATO to intensify airstrikes over Libya10:00.272011-04-07
Ahmadinejad and Ban discuss situation in the Arab world10:00.162011-04-07
Ban Ki-moon is very concerned about developments in Côte d'Ivoire09:03.282011-04-06
ASEAN seeks to tackle transnational crime, ready to share experience09:03.152011-04-06
AFRICOM faces historic time amid growing challenges09:03.012011-04-06
Eurozone took forward a comprehensive package of economic measures09:02.462011-04-06
Medvedev takes measures aimed at improving investment climate in Russia16:54.212011-04-05
Côte d’Ivoire: UN urges restraint amid reports of abuses by pro-Ouattara forces16:54.092011-04-05
Chinese president congratulates Kazakhstan's Nazarbayev on reelection16:53.572011-04-05
Holder refers 9/11 Co-conspirators to Military Tribunal16:53.452011-04-05
China issues White Paper on National Defense 201015:11.502011-03-31
"Gbagbo must go," France and western partners agree12:56.282011-03-31
We have to reduce America's dependence on oil, Obama said12:56.152011-03-31
Chinese President meets French counterpart, saying force is no solution to Libyan issue12:56.042011-03-31
Chinese, Russian MFAs discussed Foreign Policy and International Situation12:55.522011-03-31
London agreement sends strong message, says NATO Secretary General10:22.432011-03-30
U.S. takes further action to increase pressure on Iran10:22.292011-03-30
Saudi Arabia and India discussed National Security concerns10:22.182011-03-30
President Medvedev and FSB official Smirnov discuss CT op in Ingushetia10:22.052011-03-30
America must not be afraid to lead, Obama says13:29.412011-03-29
Italy is extremely concerned about the escalation of the violence in Syria13:29.312011-03-29
India-China Economic Relations and Performance in the 21st Century13:29.212011-03-29
Closer economic cooperation between Sweden and Russia13:29.102011-03-29
President Obama says the mission in Libya is succeeding15:14.182011-03-28
Israel and Russia sign space cooperation agreement15:14.072011-03-28
India's space programme has earned international repute15:13.562011-03-28
German FM Westerwelle extremely concerned as situation in Yemen escalates15:13.442011-03-28
EU Ministers discussed Foreign Affairs in Brussels, mostly Japan and Libya17:30.072011-03-25
NATO assumes responsibility for no-fly zone over Libya17:29.512011-03-25
U.S.-Israeli defense relationship never stronger, Gates says17:29.382011-03-25
Those responsible for the violence in Syria must be held accountable, White House said17:29.252011-03-25
FM Hague and General Petraeus discuss security transition in Afghanistan15:58.492011-03-24
Cameron and Obama discuss key role of NATO in Libya15:58.272011-03-24
Gates reaffirms U.S. support of Egypt15:58.152011-03-24
Condemning violence against protesters in Syria, Ban calls for probe into killings15:58.022011-03-24
UN reports more alleged violations of sanctions against Iran over nuclear issue14:37.362011-03-23
President Karzai announces Areas to transition to Afghan Control14:37.242011-03-23
Russia urges the states concerned to stop the non-selective use of force in Libya14:37.122011-03-23
China releases first report on global nuclear posture review14:36.582011-03-23
In North Africa, Ban urges world community to "speak with one voice" on Libya12:14.512011-03-22
Latin America is at peace and democratic, Obama told in Santiago12:14.332011-03-22
France is extremely concerned about the Iranian nuclear issue 12:14.222011-03-22
Terrorism, Weapons top Threat List, Gates says12:14.112011-03-22
The time for action in Libya has come, Allied coalition said17:24.072011-03-21
U.S. and Brazil elevate their major dialogues to the Presidential level17:23.542011-03-21
Common Challenges deepen U.S.-Russian ties, Gates said17:23.412011-03-21
Security and economy, the geopolitics of a changing Middle East17:23.262011-03-21
Pakistan's Army is the Real Obstacle to Peace16:48.012011-03-18
NATO needs to adapt to effectively protect populations against new threats16:47.512011-03-18
Japanese nuclear reactor crisis "very serious," says UN atomic chief on eve of visit16:47.392011-03-18
Security Council authorizes "all necessary measures" to protect civilians in Libya16:47.262011-03-18
"We can save the martyred people of Libya," Sarkozy wrote to UNSC20:13.022011-03-17
Japan will provide the international community with necessary information, Kan told UN20:12.472011-03-17
Medvedev and Erdogan took part in High-Level Russian-Turkish Cooperation Council20:12.092011-03-17
"Major progress was made in reform and opening up," Jiabao told NPC20:11.522011-03-17
UK is at the forefront of the international effort to isolate Qadhafi regime15:41.122011-03-16
Sudan Troika concerned about the announced breakdown of talks between NCP and SPLM15:41.002011-03-16
Coalition has momentum in Afghanistan, Petraeus says15:40.492011-03-16
U.S. to support the Egyptian people as they plan for their political and economic future15:40.382011-03-16
UN Security Council briefed on latest events in Libya as UN envoy leaves for Tripoli09:21.422011-03-16
UN chief welcomes successful staging of presidential election in Niger09:21.222011-03-16
China becomes Australia's largest services export market09:21.112011-03-16
Iran, Russia stress on timely operation of Bushehr power plant 09:21.002011-03-16
China's top political advisory body concludes annual session, vowing to step up democratic supervision12:54.242011-03-15
Pentagon Official discusses Libya no-fly zone12:54.102011-03-15
UN envoy sees hopeful signs of "beginning of end" to violent crisis in Côte d'Ivoire12:53.582011-03-15
"The Taliban control far less territory than they did a year ago," U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates told NATO Defense Ministers12:53.432011-03-15
China, Pakistan pledge to enhance military cooperation13:01.112011-02-24
Should Western and Asian powers talk to the Taliban?13:01.002011-02-24
The United States remains deeply concerned by deteriorating Human Rights situation in Iran13:00.492011-02-24
President Obama strongly condemns the use of violence in Libya13:00.392011-02-24
Security Council, UN officials urge end to use of force against protesters in Libya14:41.182011-02-23
EU High Representative Catherine Ashton visits Egypt14:41.062011-02-23
China, Kazakhstan to boost strategic partnership14:40.552011-02-23
The EU-Russia Partnership, basic facts and figures14:40.452011-02-23
Constitutional reform has started in Ukraine13:59.372011-02-22
Thailand ready for the informal ASEAN ministerial meeting13:59.252011-02-22
UN chief urges restraint by Arab leaders as protests continue13:59.122011-02-22
The European Union is extremely concerned by the events unfolding in Libya13:58.592011-02-22
Japanand India commit to Economic Partnership Agreement (IJCEPA)15:04.332011-02-21
Cuban Foreign Minister pays official visit to Azerbaijan15:04.222011-02-21
Direct negotiations, the only road to peace, Israel affirms15:04.112011-02-21
Saudi Arabia affirms its total support to the Kingdom of Bahrain 15:03.562011-02-21
Security Council extends deployment of extra troops in Côte d'Ivoire23:33.462011-02-20
Catherine Ashton is very concerned by the events which took place in Bahrain23:33.342011-02-20
PM Cameron and President Barroso discussed EU's financial stability23:33.192011-02-20
Security Council closely monitors Cambodia-Thailand border situation23:32.152011-02-20
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visits London19:59.152011-02-17
Presidents Medvedev and Napolitano tackled Russia-Italy cooperation19:58.592011-02-17
New Strategy shows importance of Space Domain, Lynn says19:58.492011-02-17
EU-South Korea free trade agreement (FTA) passes final hurdle in Parliament19:58.342011-02-17
OAS and SICA discuss issues of common interest08:04.352011-02-16
The political crisis must be resolved in Albania, European Commissioner Füle said 08:04.232011-02-16
The Security Challenge 2011: The Arc of Instability from the Middle East to East Asia08:04.112011-02-16
Connectivity Integration, ASEAN needs to anticipate the threat of terrorism08:03.532011-02-16
UN chief urges peaceful transition after Mubarak resignation20:00.562011-02-15
Security Council urges permanent ceasefire after recent Thai-Cambodia clashes20:00.452011-02-15
President Obama asks for $671 Billion Defense Budget in Fiscal 201220:00.342011-02-15
Iran, Turkey agree to broaden mutual, regional, int'l cooperation20:00.232011-02-15
U.S. intelligence officials delivered their Worldwide Threat Assessment17:42.102011-02-11
Transition of authority is not yet clear in Egypt, Obama said17:41.542011-02-11
Breaking Middle East peace deadlock is vital, Ban tells Israeli Defence Minister17:41.422011-02-11
Kuril Islands is the most distant region of Russia, Medvedev said17:41.292011-02-11
Japanese Minister Banri Kaieda visits Australia for FTA Talks16:11.112011-02-10
Israel wants to intensify its cooperation with NATO, Netanyahu said16:10.592011-02-10
Thai army has reiterated that it has acted proportionately16:10.462011-02-10
North and South Sudan make "significant" progress on steps for separation16:10.342011-02-10
U.S., French defense leaders sign Space Agreement16:49.572011-02-09
A year for solidifying and expanding the gains in Afghanistan16:49.462011-02-09
The EU is willing to help Tunisia in its democratic transition16:49.332011-02-09
Vietnam is deeply concerned over the clash in the area of Preah Vihear Temple 16:49.212011-02-09
Egypt would achieve political radical development14:19.272011-02-08
U.S. and Canada enjoy "extraordinary friendship and cooperation"14:19.152011-02-08
National Security Space Strategy targets Safety, Stability14:19.052011-02-08
UN chief urges restraint after latest Thai-Cambodian border clashes14:18.522011-02-08
Western Leaders welcome Southern Sudan referendum result14:18.372011-02-08
General Election is a hope for Thailand, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said14:18.232011-02-08
Progress on DR Congo's path to stability, but shortfalls hamper efforts14:18.082011-02-08
"It is time for peace," Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili told 47th MSC14:17.492011-02-08
Pakistan protests NATO cross-border shelling on security forces19:37.282011-02-04
U.S. State Department notes "constructive" Egyptian Military role19:37.122011-02-04
Global food prices rise to new highs, not expected to fall in coming months19:36.572011-02-04
Ban welcomes release of final results of first round of elections in Haiti19:36.432011-02-04
New START Treaty to Take Effect February 5, 201118:25.072011-02-03
Iran not interested in an Egypt respectful of democratic values18:24.552011-02-03
Norway concerned about developments in Belarus18:24.432011-02-03
Spanish government prepares for the future, reaches milestone agreement18:24.312011-02-03
Egypt's military promises to be stabilizing influence22:46.152011-02-02
Israel fears that extremist forces may exploit democratic processes22:46.022011-02-02
South Korea, DPRK to hold working-level military talks on February 8, 201122:45.482011-02-02
Military, Civilian Officials note Iraq’s Progress22:45.372011-02-02
Sarkozy, Merkel and Cameron are deeply concerned about the events in Egypt22:45.252011-02-02
Ban Ki-moon again calls on Belarusian Government to release detainees22:45.132011-02-02
Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs freezes contacts with Iran22:44.542011-02-02
Jordanian King Abdullah met French foreign minister Alliot-Marie22:44.362011-02-02
UN officials urge Government restraint, respect for human rights in Egypt13:05.162011-02-01
Ban reiterates concern over Côte d'Ivoire crisis at meeting with West African officials12:28.202011-02-01
NATO achieves theatre missile defence capability12:28.122011-02-01
"We feel responsible to bring peace to our country," Afghan President Karzai said12:28.042011-02-01
U.S., Canada discuss Defense Cooperation11:23.422011-01-28
Russian Federation Council ratifies new START treaty11:23.322011-01-28
"The world must truly unite in order to fight terrorism," Medvedev told World Economic Forum in Davos11:23.202011-01-28
Uzbekistan to bolster cooperation and security with EU and NATO11:23.082011-01-28
French G20 and G8 presidency priorities23:12.242011-01-26
Lynn: NATO must get Ahead of Cyber Threat23:12.112011-01-26
Climate change in the Arctic is happening faster than anticipated23:11.592011-01-26
Terrorism remains the main threat to Russia's security23:11.452011-01-26
Chinese president ends state visit to United States17:29.352011-01-24
Iranian President advises 5+1 not to remain under pressure of certain states17:29.182011-01-24
Latest round of UN-backed Western Sahara talks concludes in New York17:28.582011-01-24
Lynn arrives in Brussels for Cybersecurity Talks17:28.442011-01-24
Stavridis expresses optimism on Afghanistan19:56.112011-01-21
UK Foreign Secretary Hague calls for Iran to discuss its nuclear programme in detail19:55.572011-01-21
DPRK confirms proposal on high-level military talks with S. Korea19:55.462011-01-21
Trade has grown by almost 20% between Russian Federation and Belarus19:55.342011-01-21
Japan and the United States agree to deepen their Alliance in the security area19:53.112011-01-20
Spain has begun the process of economic recovery19:53.002011-01-20
UN political chief warns Security Council of heightened tensions in Middle East19:52.492011-01-20
U.S. and China work together to build a cooperative partnership19:52.382011-01-20
Chinese president starts state visit to U.S.17:32.292011-01-19
President al-Assad, Kahwaji discuss cooperation between Syrian and Lebanese armies17:32.182011-01-19
"It is imperative to show maximum restraint," Medvedev told Palestinians17:32.062011-01-19
The strategic environment of the Asia-Pacific region is undergoing significant change17:31.512011-01-19
Lebanon: UN-backed court receives first indictment in Hariri assassination18:50.262011-01-18
Iran expects G5+1 to act on agreements for fruitful Istanbul meet18:50.122011-01-18
President Hu Jintao proposes four points to advance China-U.S. ties18:49.572011-01-18
President Obama welcomes the "peaceful" referendum on the future of Southern Sudan18:49.422011-01-18
UN calls for greater international support for African peacekeepers in Somalia17:06.282011-01-17
UN chief welcomes end of polling in Southern Sudan's referendum on self-determination17:06.142011-01-17
Next round of UN-backed Western Sahara talks slated for next week17:06.012011-01-17
China-U.S. relationship has on the whole enjoyed steady growth17:05.472011-01-17
New era calls for stronger China-EU partnership17:41.182011-01-05
China-Pakistan strategic partnership grows17:41.022011-01-05
EU High Representative Catherine Ashton visits the Middle East17:40.472011-01-05
Justice is key to national security, Thai PM said17:40.352011-01-05
China-U.S. relations present opportunities and challenges12:37.102011-01-04
Serbia may become candidate for EU membership this year12:36.572011-01-04
After provocation against Yeonpyeong Island, the situation cannot be the same12:36.442011-01-04
Readout of U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor's Recent Trip to Afghanistan12:36.312011-01-04
Statement by President Obama on the terrorist attacks in Egypt and Nigeria12:50.552011-01-03
Mikhail Myasnikovich appointed Prime Minister of Belarus12:50.442011-01-03
Any attack on new Côte d'Ivoire leader will be repulsed, top UN envoy warns12:50.322011-01-03
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano visits Afghanistan, focuses on Border Security12:50.202011-01-03
Elections constituted an important milestone in the vital political process in Afghanistan12:46.232010-12-23
Special Envoys welcomed the establishment of the new Parliament in Kyrgyzstan12:46.112010-12-23
Friends of Zimbabwe welcomed the progress achieved since the GPA in spite of concerns over fundamental rights12:46.002010-12-23
U.S. Senate approved New START Arms Treaty12:45.302010-12-23
India and Russia celebrated ten years of Strategic Partnership14:05.312010-12-22
Security Council welcomes new Iraqi Government Formation14:05.172010-12-22
5th TAP Trilateral Summit plans a number of agreements14:05.042010-12-22
Belarus and the European Union will resolve the issues they face14:04.482010-12-22
Rejecting call for withdrawal, Security Council extended UN mission in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI)11:23.582010-12-21
Belarus still has a considerable way to go in meeting its OSCE commitments11:23.422010-12-21
UN Security Council renewed Mandate of its Counterterrorism Executive Directorate11:23.292010-12-21
Window for political dialogue may be opening in Afghanistan, Ban reports11:23.162010-12-21
Ratification of New START is "an urgent national priority"18:48.062010-12-19
U.S. and the EU met as part of their annual Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC)18:47.542010-12-19
Côte d'Ivoire: Ban demands outgoing president step down after election defeat18:47.422010-12-19
China is highly concerned about the situation on the Korean Peninsula18:47.322010-12-19
In Annual Review on Afghanistan and Pakistan, Obama cited "significant progress"12:13.372010-12-17
India and China welcome each other's peaceful development12:13.222010-12-17
UN peacekeeping chief warns of risks ahead of independence vote in southern Sudan12:13.072010-12-17
"2012 is far off from now," Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told TV12:12.522010-12-17
Continuing violence in Central African Republic sparks Security Council's concern12:38.582010-12-16
Pakistan deserves U.S. respect and support Navy Adm. Mike Mullen told12:38.402010-12-16
The situation in Ivory Coast is very precarious, EU HR Catherine Ashton told EP12:38.232010-12-16
Our financial system has the necessary guarantees, Spanish leader told CNBC12:38.072010-12-16
India and Pakistan are China's important neighbors12:05.222010-12-15
Security Council extends UN mission in Cyprus despite Turkey's negative vote12:05.032010-12-15
Russian Government to draft an Energy Security Doctrine12:04.392010-12-15
Finland - The terrorist strike in Stockholm sparked discussion among the EU Foreign Ministers in Brussels12:04.242010-12-15
U.S., Israeli Defense Ministers discussed Iran, Regional Security13:46.162010-12-14
Joint statement by the EU High Representative Catherine Ashton and Commissioner for enlargement Štefan Füle on Kosovo elections13:45.592010-12-14
China eyes win-win, equal partnership with U.S.13:45.442010-12-14
Lebanon: UN envoy met with Hizbollah official on domestic and security issues13:45.272010-12-14
EU and India agreed to reinforce their strategic partnership19:46.012010-12-12
"We're very close" to new START treaty's ratification, U.S. Senator McCain said19:45.402010-12-12
European Parliament - Cancun conference lays foundation for climate treaty19:45.242010-12-12
11th Pentagon Talks advanced U.S.-China military ties19:45.092010-12-12
UN human rights chief voiced concern at reported "cyber war" against WikiLeaks19:01.392010-12-10
Russo-British relations continue to improve, diplomat in London said19:01.262010-12-10
Eurasian Economic Community begins its way toward a Eurasian Union19:01.142010-12-10
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad begins a working visit to France19:01.022010-12-10
Security Council supports Ouattara's election as Côte d'Ivoire's President11:44.002010-12-09
Afghanistan strategy is working, U.S. Secretary of Defense Gates said11:43.302010-12-09
France and India to cooperate more on space and on nuclear energy11:43.182010-12-09
EU, U.S. to start talks on protecting personal data11:43.042010-12-09
The White House condemned in the strongest terms the unauthorized disclosure of classified documents09:42.292010-12-09
Gates met with key U.S. leaders and President Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan13:07.482010-12-08
We've had nearly two days of detailed substantive talks on Iran, Ashton said13:07.392010-12-08
Completion of talks between Russia and the EU on Russia's entering the WTO13:07.302010-12-08
ECOWAS called on Mr. Laurent Gbagbo to abide by the results of the second round of Presidential elections13:07.192010-12-08
Japan, South Korea, and the United States urged the DPRK to cease its provocative behavior12:13.032010-12-07
Medvedev gave new impetus to developing Russian-Polish relations12:12.522010-12-07
French President Sarkozy visited India to build Partnership for the Future12:12.412010-12-07
G5+1 approach to Iran should be based on constructive cooperation12:12.292010-12-07
U.S. and South Korea (ROK) reached a "landmark" Free Trade Agreement, Obama said18:28.372010-12-05
German Foreign Minister Westerwelle: European External Action Service gives Europe voice on world stage18:28.282010-12-05
Iran again fails to provide proof nuclear programme is purely peaceful, UN warns18:28.182010-12-05
UN Secretary-General deeply concerned over political standoff in Côte d'Ivoire18:28.102010-12-05
The OSCE is a lead actor in promoting free and fair elections09:17.012010-12-02
Ban called for prompt release of presidential poll results in Côte d'Ivoire09:16.512010-12-02
Troika welcomed ongoing registration process towards Southern Sudan Referendum09:16.412010-12-02
There are no "secret deals" with Russia on missile defense, U.S. said09:16.312010-12-02
The United States is disappointed with the conduct of Egypt's legislative elections09:56.452010-12-01
UN said it will not comment on authenticity of WikiLeaks documents09:56.332010-12-01
The responsibilies of Turkey against Cyprus for the tragedy of 1974 are heavy09:56.242010-12-01
China suggested an emergency consultation among Six-Party Talks' delegations09:56.122010-12-01
Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Remarks on Exchange of Fire between the DPRK and ROK23:20.022010-11-30
Iranian President announced Iran’s four preconditions for talks with 5+122:19.252010-11-30
The EU and Africa want to consolidate their strategic partnership14:58.372010-11-30
WikiLeaks' Release attacks International Community, Clinton said14:58.232010-11-30
North Korea's provocation this time was entirely different, President Lee Myung-bak said14:58.092010-11-30
Iranian FM Manouchehr Mottaki met with Lebanese PM Saad Hariri14:57.452010-11-30
Foreign affairs specialist wrote Wikileaks' démarche might be "deceptive"14:39.142010-11-29
Saudi Arabia is keen to enhance Syrian-Saudi relations 19:41.522010-11-28
U.S. Navy Adm. Mike Mullen told North Korea’s unpredictability endangers region19:41.432010-11-28
Pakistani President met with Afghan Minister for Counter Narcotics19:41.322010-11-28
Russia is fully optimistic about the future of relations with Ukraine19:41.212010-11-28
Security Council expressed their concern at the recent incidents in Côte d’Ivoire10:15.192010-11-26
Ashton welcomed Saakashvili's non-use of force commitment10:15.042010-11-26
South Korea President Lee Myung-Bak presided over an emergency meeting10:14.492010-11-26
President Obama supports the disarmament of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA)10:14.272010-11-26
Security Council authorizes extra UN troops for Ivorian run-off poll11:19.342010-11-25
Russia is "supportive" of the involvement of Belarus in various European forms of cooperation11:19.202010-11-25
Afghanistan report shows Security, Governance gains11:19.052010-11-25
Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Mullen cites North Korea's unpredictability11:18.522010-11-25
North Korea deliberately provoked serious incident with South Korea13:11.282010-11-24
The UNSC reaffirmed its commitment to the protection of civilians in armed conflict 13:11.122010-11-24
Renewed violence hampering returns to northern Yemen, reports UN agency13:10.492010-11-24
Russia and China signed a series of cooperation deals following intergovernmental talks13:10.322010-11-24
NATO and the Government of Afghanistan commit to an Enduring Partnership02:10.262010-11-23
Satisfaction at the progress achieved in EU-Ukraine relations02:09.412010-11-23
The political situation in Madagascar is very tense, EU HR said02:09.162010-11-23
Hariri's upcoming visit will open new chapter in Iran-Lebanon ties02:09.022010-11-23
NATO adopts new Strategic Concept20:55.442010-11-21
NATO-Russia Council met and issued joint statement20:55.332010-11-21
NATO to hand over Security to Afghan Forces by 201420:55.202010-11-21
comprehensive knowledge of a real China will make a difference20:55.072010-11-21
"The New START treaty goes beyond nuclear security," Obama declared12:16.572010-11-19
EU will never come to terms with Georgia's occupation12:16.402010-11-19
Security Council extends mandate of European force in Bosnia and Herzegovina12:16.252010-11-19
Russia intends to do everything towards legal status of the Caspian Sea12:16.082010-11-19
Resetting Russian relationship is top priority, U.S. senior defense policy official said14:43.072010-11-18
Global food prices may be even higher next year, warns new UN report14:42.502010-11-18
Hague described International Security in a networked world14:42.322010-11-18
White House detailed U.S. goals at NATO Lisbon Summit14:42.172010-11-18
Sudan represents one of the most urgent challenges10:56.382010-11-17
Failure to pass the New START Treaty this year would endanger U.S. national security10:56.212010-11-17
"The situation is under control, growth is back" Levitte told G2010:56.042010-11-17
Sanctions against North Korea biting but country remains defiant10:55.482010-11-17
U.S.-Russia Dialogue Productive, will continue, President Obama said11:56.592010-11-16
Terrorism ongoing and evolving global threat, Security Council told11:56.502010-11-16
Effective, engaged, efficient: Lisbon decisions to guide the new NATO11:56.422010-11-16
China and Thailand reiterated readiness for cooperation on transportation and regional security11:56.312010-11-16
Growing tensions in northern Kosovo highlight need for dialogue, says UN envoy11:34.312010-11-15
Côte d’Ivoire: UN envoy certifies results of first round of presidential poll11:34.142010-11-15
Syrian President al-Assad, Chinese military official discussed future cooperation11:33.592010-11-15
G20 Seoul Summit achieved meaningful outcomes, South Korean President Lee revealed11:33.442010-11-15
Still a long way for Turkey to meet accession criteria13:00.192010-10-26
EU HR Ashton nominated the top management of the External Action Service (EEAS)13:00.092010-10-26
"Spain is committed to a European strategy for tackling the terrorist threat in the Sahel", says Carme Chacón12:59.582010-10-26
India and Japan have historical and civilizational old ties12:59.472010-10-26
NATO Ministerials discussed new Strategic Concept, missile defence and reform21:18.442010-10-24
Iceland and Canada signed an agreement on defense cooperation21:18.292010-10-24
Remarks by U.S. President Obama announcing the Departure of General Jim Jones, National Security Advisor21:18.132010-10-24
U.S. Defense Secretary Gates, NATO Defense Ministers discussed New Strategic Concept21:17.552010-10-24
Turkmenistan and Qatar identify energy as main area of cooperation21:17.412010-10-24
Parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan is "a major opportunity for reconciliation"21:17.272010-10-24
Five new countries elected to two-year terms on UN Security Council21:17.082010-10-24
Cyprus President Christofias: There can be no solution to the Cyprus problem without the return of Morphou21:16.532010-10-24
OSCE Chairperson welcomes peaceful conduct of Kyrgyzstan elections reiterates support to stabilization efforts21:16.342010-10-24
Statement by U.S. President Obama on the Awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo21:16.162010-10-24
The European Council took measures to prevent gas crisis and ensure solidarity among member states in case of disruptions of supply18:48.062010-10-13
Ahmadinejad sees Lebanon as a center of resistance against expansionist powers18:47.322010-10-13
U.S. sees Central Asia as a potential lynchpin in a new "silk road"08:39.562010-10-12
Turkmenistan - Chevron and Total to develop offshore fields in Turkmen sector of Caspian Sea08:39.402010-10-12
Central Asian countries proposed to revise Treaty on Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons08:39.042010-10-12
David B. Buckley was sworn in as CIA's Inspector General08:38.532010-10-12
Europe and Asia share common positions on global issues08:38.422010-10-12
Why does China remain a developing country08:38.192010-10-12
We're still confronted with the risk of a systemic crisis, Sarkozy told08:38.082010-10-12
Only global cooperation can thwart security threats, both old and new, Ban warned08:37.562010-10-12
Belarus and Ukraine intend to develop mutually beneficial cooperation in all fields17:52.002010-10-06
Russia remains strategic partner of Turkmenistan in oil and gas sector17:51.352010-10-06
Afghan opium production nearly halved, UN report finds17:51.222010-10-06
NATO - Transatlantic Trends survey showed support for the Alliance still strong17:51.102010-10-06
UN Security Council stressed need for collective action to combat terrorism17:50.552010-10-06
Russia-China bilateral strategic partnership is spreading to every sector17:50.402010-10-06
Turkey wants a European future and has a European perspective17:50.272010-10-06
The intention is to reach an agreement on two states, Netanyahu declared17:50.122010-10-06
Norway told Canada what to do about maritime disputes17:49.552010-10-06
Secretary General calls for new steps in NATO-Russia relations17:49.402010-10-06
"The threat of a terrorist attack in France has never been greater," DCRI chief Bernard Squarcini told12:01.562010-09-11
NB8 Report on Nordic-Baltic cooperation is available15:22.002010-08-31
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden visits Iraq12:01.252010-08-31
Jordanian King Abdullah met with Israeli DM Barak12:01.122010-08-31
The United States now has less than 50,000 troops in Iraq12:55.022010-08-25
France witnessed positive developments in Madagascar12:54.422010-08-25
US Dept of Defense - Mattis to Assess U.S. Aid to Pakistan 19:09.282010-08-24
Israeli DM Barak met with Quartet envoy Tony Blair19:09.012010-08-24
US Dept of Defense - Report Says Chinese Military Transparency Still Lacking15:32.492010-08-23
Senior UN military official meets top politicians in Lebanon15:32.492010-08-23
UN - Middle East Quartet calls on Israel, Palestinians to launch direct negotiations14:44.442010-08-23
Iran to accelerate its nuclear programs, Spokesman said14:44.302010-08-23
Russian-Armenian talks, August 201019:28.512010-08-20
U.S. added USD 60 Million for Pakistan Flood Relief19:28.332010-08-20
U.S. Mission in Iraq officially changes on September 1, 201019:28.162010-08-20
Iranian President Ahmadinejad, Iraqi counterpart Talabani underlined expansion of friendly ties12:41.452010-08-16
Russian President Medvedev met with counterpart of South Ossetia Kokoity12:41.302010-08-16
U.S. takes actions to support Russian firefighters' efforts12:41.122010-08-16
UN faces USD 5 billion budget gap for its 2010 humanitarian efforts14:01.082010-07-15
The first challenge for Russia is modernising its economy14:00.522010-07-15
Serbia, Turkey to boost economic, political cooperation16:04.402010-07-13
Thailand - Foreign Minister’s keynote address on “ASEAN Connectivity”16:04.282010-07-13
UN - Security Council condemns recent sinking of Republic of Korea ship12:42.302010-07-12
UN - Lebanon: Security Council calls for freedom of movement of UN peacekeepers12:42.152010-07-12
Syria and France wish to boost bilateral cooperation14:13.582010-07-08
EU to become "a global player instead of a payer" with its Diplomatic Service14:13.452010-07-08
U.S. President Obama warmly welcomed the Elections in Guinea14:13.292010-07-08
Russia - MFA - On the Meeting of the Political Directors of the Six Group on Iran’s Nuclear Program12:52.562010-07-06
Special Briefing took place, tackled Israel's new policy towards Gaza12:52.432010-07-06
Progress that has been made, OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs stated12:52.312010-07-06
Gen. Petraeus assumes Command of ISAF16:28.342010-07-05
Customs Union is Russia’s strategic priority, Kremlin said16:28.172010-07-05
NATO Secretary-General on Managing Security in a Globalised World16:28.002010-07-05
NATO - Afghanistan strategy reaffirmed 18:54.462010-07-01
U.S. Senate unanimously confirmed Petraeus18:54.282010-07-01
UK - MFA - Britain’s Foreign Policy in a Networked World 18:54.112010-07-01
US Dept of Defense - Afghanistan Still Crucial to U.S. Interests, Obama Says12:08.492010-06-29
Spanish EU Presidency - The EU and the United States sign the agreement on the transfer of bank data (SWIFT) 12:08.252010-06-29
Security Council voiced concern on developments in Central African Republic12:08.002010-06-29
"Australians are entitled to a fairer share of our inheritance," new PM Julia Gillard told in her Acceptance Speech09:18.432010-06-25
Security Progress remains Key Focus for ISAF, following McChrystal's resignation09:18.282010-06-25
Gates, Mullen cited Progress in Afghanistan09:18.162010-06-25
Russian gas supply to Belarus now cut by 60 per cent08:58.012010-06-24
Obama accepted McChrystal’s resignation, nominated Petraeus08:57.432010-06-24
US Dept of State - Designation of Caucasus Emirates Leader Doku Umarov08:57.262010-06-24
European Parliament - EEAS: political agreement is a good result, say MEPs11:03.222010-06-23
US Dept of Defense - Gates Issues Statement on McChrystal Profile11:03.072010-06-23
UN - Statement by Middle East Quartet11:02.522010-06-23
Spanish EU Presidency - The EU's institutions seal an agreement regarding the European diplomatic service 09:43.572010-06-22
Kremlin - Meeting with Chairman of Gazprom’s Management Committee Alexei Miller09:43.412010-06-22
Australia and China: Expanding Our Horizons09:43.212010-06-22
Syria - President al-Assad and Mrs. al-Assad to Begin Tour of Several Latin American Countries Early Next Week11:50.522010-06-20
Statement by IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn on China’s Exchange Rate Regime11:50.332010-06-20
U.S. President Obama said Republicans in Congress Blocking Important Progress (Weekly Address, June 19, 2010)11:50.182010-06-20
U.S. Treasury Department targets Iran's Nuclear and Missile Programs21:14.362010-06-18
UN officials underscored need to tackle ever-growing threat of organized crime21:14.202010-06-18
Israel - Security Cabinet decision, 17 Jun 201021:14.052010-06-18
President: Iran to announce conditions for nuclear talks soon11:59.542010-06-17
Kandahar is vital to success in Afghanistan, Navy Adm. Mullen said11:59.422010-06-17
Russian Foreign Ministry’s Comments on the Situation in Kyrgyzstan11:59.282010-06-17
UN - Alarmed by inter-ethnic violence in Kyrgyzstan, UN rushes aid to victims07:55.112010-06-16
National Security is a top priority of South Korea's policy07:54.462010-06-16
"Human trafficking crosses cultures and continents," Clinton introducing the 10th Annual Trafficking in Persons Report07:54.322010-06-16
Interview of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, "We can’t say that NATO presents a threat to us," Kommersant, June 11, 201008:44.362010-06-15
UN’s anti-Iran resolution was last gunshot at UNSC, Ahmadinejad said08:21.322010-06-14
Japan - Policy Speech by Prime Minister Naoto Kan at the 174th Session of the Diet 08:21.192010-06-14
Turkey - Press Release Regarding the UN Security Council Vote on Additional Sanctions against Iran 08:21.062010-06-14
U.S. Secretary of Defense Gates, British counterpart praise Alliance11:22.162010-06-09
Nuclear Weapons would make Iran less secure, U.S. Defense Secretary said11:22.012010-06-09
European Parliament - European Energy Community: competitiveness, security of supply and sustainability11:21.452010-06-09
UN - Iranian nuclear programme is ‘special case,’ says head of UN agency12:11.582010-06-08
Spanish EU Presidency - The EU signed the financial stabilisation mechanism12:11.462010-06-08
Finland’s strategy for the Arctic region drafted12:11.342010-06-08
NATO and Pakistan ready to deepen political dialogue18:23.042010-06-06
US Dept of Defense - Asia-Pacific Nations Must Address Provocations, Gates Says18:22.502010-06-06
White House - Remarks by the President in Announcement of James R. Clapper Jr. as Director of National Intelligence18:22.372010-06-06
Global food prices plummet, UN reports12:17.122010-06-04
U.S. Senator Jim Webb reaffirmed the U.S. support for the Royal Thai Government’s reconciliation plan12:17.002010-06-04
Arab foreign ministers decided to break Gaza siege12:16.432010-06-04
UN expert reports alarming rates of murder in Brazil despite efforts to end violence09:18.002010-06-03
US Dept of State - William J. Burns - India's Rise and the Promise of US-Indian Partnership09:17.462010-06-03
Relations with Brazil have enormous potential, Germany said09:17.322010-06-03
Kremlin - EU-Russia summit has taken place in Rostov-on-Don19:37.532010-06-01
Israel's operation was tantamount to banditry and piracy, Turkish FM declared19:37.342010-06-01
UN - Security Council backs call for impartial probe into deadly raid on Gaza aid flotilla19:37.202010-06-01
Thailand - Government to brief diplomats on plans to move ahead22:16.272010-05-31
Israel boarded Turkish boat and gravely jeopardizes its bilateral relations with Ankara22:16.102010-05-31
Moscow noted the "the constructive mindset" of the U.S. National Security Strategy regarding Russia22:15.512010-05-31
American military will continue to underwrite security around the world18:32.562010-05-29
NPT Review Conference called for substantive measures18:32.432010-05-29
UK - MFA - Afghanistan 'top foreign policy priority' 18:32.222010-05-29
Ban urges Ivorians to revive stalled electoral process, resolve outstanding issues23:58.032010-05-27
New National Security Strategy aims to renew American leadership in the 21st century23:57.482010-05-27
China and the US Sign Eight Cooperation Agreements Involving Energy, Trade and Nuclear Energy 23:57.322010-05-27
UK - MFA - Foreign Secretary sets out ‘distinctive' foreign policy in Queen’s Speech debate 09:13.302010-05-27
Germany - Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle: Iran’s offer a “first step”, but “does not solve the underlying problem”09:13.172010-05-27
UN - Ban welcomes resumption of Cyprus reunification talks09:13.062010-05-27
US Dept of State - Great Hall of the People - Concluding Joint Statements at the US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue 00:17.412010-05-26
NATO - 'The Taliban Is Hitting, but Not Winning'00:17.242010-05-26
UK - Queen’s Speech 2010, 25 may 201000:17.042010-05-26
North Korea will pay a price corresponding to its provocative acts09:26.402010-05-25
Ahmadinejad urged Russia to be more cautious on its Iran position09:26.282010-05-25
Slovakia - V4: Eastern Partnership a priority during Slovakia’s Presidency09:26.152010-05-25
UK - MFA - Prime Minister meets European Leaders 11:35.552010-05-24
UN - Do not force refugees back to strife-torn Somalia, UN urges governments11:35.392010-05-24
US Dept of State - Hillary Rodham Clinton - Joint Press Availability With Japanese Foreign Minister Okada11:35.272010-05-24
US Dept of State - Kurt M. Campbell - Briefing on the Upcoming US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, 19 may 201020:41.402010-05-20
Germany - Protecting the euro to preserve the European vision20:41.212010-05-20
US Dept of Defense - Report Concludes North Korea Sank South Korean Ship20:41.082010-05-20
White House - Joint Statement from President Barack Obama and President Felipe Calderón16:45.472010-05-20
IMF - Systemic Challenges for Global Finance and Priorities for Reform16:45.332010-05-20
Greece - MFA - Joint Communiqué between the Government of the Hellenic Republic and the Government of the Republic of Turkey16:45.192010-05-20
Conference in Athens on "Politics and Security in the Cyberspace" (June 17, 2010 - RIEAS)19:08.122010-05-19
UK - MFA - Jeremy Browne: “No doubt about our sovereignty over the Falkland Islands” 12:19.022010-05-19
USUN - Remarks by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, at the Security Council Stakeout, On the P5+1 Draft Sanctions Resolution on Iran 12:18.492010-05-19
EU Spanish Presidency very pleased with the agreement reached with Central America 12:18.372010-05-19
Russian-Ukrainian summit talks have taken place18:06.052010-05-18
Joint Declaration by Iran, Turkey and Brazil - 17 May 201018:05.512010-05-18
NATO - Experts group presents report on new Strategic Concept for NATO18:05.392010-05-18
IMF said Asia leading World Recovery, cautions against External Risks11:35.592010-05-14
Obama, Karzai reaffirmed Goals, U.S.-Afghan Partnership11:35.412010-05-14
Now is a critical moment for the CPA, Darfur and the region, U.S. envoy Gration said11:35.242010-05-14
U.S. disappointed on Egypt's Renewal of State of Emergency09:17.482010-05-13
Russian-Turkish talks have taken place09:17.322010-05-13
We clearly have is to rebuild trust in our political system, PM Cameron declared09:17.162010-05-13
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's visit to Syria (May 11-12, 2010)19:16.132010-05-12
Russia - Russian-Syrian summit talks took place10:11.512010-05-12
UK - MFA - David Cameron appointed Prime Minister 10:11.272010-05-12
USUN - Remarks by Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, at an Open Security Council Session on UN Counterterrorism Committees 10:10.492010-05-12
David Cameron appointed British Prime Minister21:43.012010-05-11
IMF said moderate and uneven recovery taking shape across Europe11:53.132010-05-11
Spanish EU Presidency - Foreign ministers prepare for "Europe 2020" summit 11:52.562010-05-11
Israel - PM Netanyahu’s Statement at the Press Conference in Honor of Israel’s Accession to the OECD11:52.392010-05-11
Israel - PM Netanyahu welcomes beginning of proximity talks11:46.162010-05-10
IMF Welcomes European Actions to Stabilize Euro Area11:46.022010-05-10
Iran - Spokesman: N. Fuel Swap Possible Only Inside Iranian Territory 11:45.232010-05-10
Thailand - GOV - Economic growth rate affected by political situation07:16.502010-05-07
UN - Ban expresses sadness at death of Nigerian leader07:16.402010-05-07
President: Ukraine needs stability rather than political games07:16.302010-05-07
NPT is fundamental to protecting global peace and security, P5 declared04:04.322010-05-06
UN urged calm in Darfur as fresh clashes erupt despite peace process04:04.202010-05-06
U.S. Defense Department's Policy Chief is "cautiously optimistic" about Afghanistan04:04.112010-05-06
US Dept of State - Daniel Benjamin - Confronting 21st Century Terrorism: Challenges for US Policy11:24.232010-05-05
Germany - Greece's austerity programme "ambitious and sustainable"11:24.232010-05-05
UN - Ban tells Iran's Ahmadinejad to restore global trust in nuclear programme11:24.232010-05-05
Times Square Investigation is ongoing, it is multi-faceted, and it is aggressive09:36.412010-05-04
UN - Somali refugees strain resources of neighbouring countries, UN official warned07:33.572010-05-04
Germany - Laying a new foundation for climate policy07:33.562010-05-04
IMF - Joint Statement on Greece by EU Commissioner Olli Rehn and IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn07:33.562010-05-04
Oil Spill off Louisiana: BP will be paying the bill, Obama said07:33.562010-05-04
US Dept of State - The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: Promoting Non-Proliferation07:33.562010-05-04
Syrian FM Al Moallem warned the U.S. of adopting Israeli false allegations16:41.192010-05-02
Obama tackled the Economy and the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico16:40.462010-05-02
US Dept of State - Briefing on the Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference, 30 April 201016:40.112010-05-02
Mandate of UN peacekeeping force in Western Sahara extended for another year16:39.512010-05-02
Ban Ki-Moon pointed to "undeniable" link between Arms Trafficking, other illegal Activities in Central Africa16:39.262010-05-02
Syria - Otri: Cooperation between Syria and Iran includes all sectors and infrastructures08:35.372010-04-30
Report noted Afghanistan Developments, Challenges08:35.372010-04-30
UN urged restraint by all sides in Nepal ahead of Maoist protests08:35.172010-04-30
Iranians have rejected overtures and remain to this day in a rejectionist mindset08:34.592010-04-30
UK - MFA - Foreign Office advises caution in Thailand 07:39.022010-04-29
UN Security Council suggests possible tribunals to deal with Somali piracy problem07:38.492010-04-29
U.S. Defense Secretary Gates is satisfied with planning to counter Iran07:38.392010-04-29
Kremlin - Russian-Danish talks have taken place, 28 April 201007:38.312010-04-29
NPT has been and remains a cornerstone of U.S. national security07:38.222010-04-29
Kremlin - Russia and Norway are close to a final solution on maritime delimitation07:51.512010-04-28
Iran - FM: Uranium exchange file still on table07:51.452010-04-28
Finland - Speech by minister Väyrynen at the 6th Annual Arctic Shipping Summit07:51.382010-04-28
Russia - Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych 07:51.322010-04-28
UN chief discusses Middle East peace process with US special envoy07:51.252010-04-28
Sudan - Al Bashir Affirms Keenness for Establishment of Broad-based Government07:51.192010-04-28
Spanish EU Presidency - EU and Egypt discuss situation in the Middle East and prospects for forthcoming Europe-Mediterranean summit 07:51.132010-04-28
Australian PM Kevin Rudd Speech at the opening of the National Security College in Canberra07:51.022010-04-28
Azerbaijan - Ahmet Davutoglu: “There is full coordination between Turkey and Azerbaijan on their next steps”07:50.572010-04-28
Russian-Uzbekistani leaders met, share long-term strategic interests11:58.472010-04-22
Ukraine, Russia agreed on deployment of Russian Black Sea Fleet11:57.282010-04-22
II BRIC Summit - Joint Statement, 16 April 2010 (BRIC summit called for transformations in global governance)11:00.352010-04-18
II BRIC Summit - Joint Statement, 16 April 201011:00.192010-04-18
Nuclear terrorism threatens the entire world10:59.552010-04-18
Communiqué of the Washington Nuclear Security Summit10:59.152010-04-18
Nuclear terrorism is an increasing threat, Washington summit said10:58.332010-04-18
Rule of law, reciprocity, necessity and proportionality are absolutely needed to reach any SWIFT agreement between the EU and the U.S., MEP Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert said10:56.432010-04-18
French President Nicolas Sarkozy visits Washington D.C., met with U.S. counterpart Barack Obama (March 2010)16:44.002010-03-31
Terrorist attacks in the Moscow Metro (March 2010)15:44.262010-03-30
Ballistic Missile Defense Review (BMDR)13:19.222010-03-30
Arab League Summit in Libya (March 2010)10:41.002010-03-30
U.S. and Russia agreed on new Arms Control agreement10:40.002010-03-30
European Council (March 2010)13:10.002010-03-28
Iran - President back home after 2-day Syria visit 13:06.112010-02-27
Russia - MFA - Transcript of Speech by Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov at the 46th Munich Security Conference, February 6, 201012:11.272010-02-27
Chinese FM Yang Jiechi attended the Munich Security Conference (2010) and delivered a Speech12:08.562010-02-27
Spanish EU Presidency - A stable cooperation framework for the EU and NATO 11:49.552010-02-27
US Dept of State - Ivo Daalder - The Future of NATO11:49.552010-02-27
US Dept of State - Hillary Rodham Clinton - Remarks at the NATO Strategic Concept Seminar11:49.552010-02-27
US Dept of Defense - Gates Voices Concern Over NATO Shortfalls11:49.552010-02-27
NATO SACT General Stéphane Abrial spoke at Fourth Strategic Concept Seminar on 23 February 201009:12.432010-02-27
Remarks of U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates at NATO Strategic Concept Seminar on 23 February 201009:12.432010-02-27
Remarks by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen at the fourth Strategic Concept Seminar on Transformation and Capabilities, Washington D.C. on 23 February 201009:12.432010-02-27
Interview - Frederick P. Hitz, former CIA Inspector General discusses his latest book "Why Spy? Espionage in an age of uncertainty"13:26.562010-02-20
Donetsk-based Kirill Cherkashin answered ISRIA's questions following the election of Viktor Yanukovych as President of Ukraine00:01.382010-02-19
Yes, al-Qaeda might build crude device to kill thousands, former CIA Senior Officer Charles Faddis told23:33.432010-02-18

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