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You need a short or an in-depth analysis of a specific trend, situation, event or threat? Our consulting service can answer your needs by providing you with high-quality analytical material prepared by our professional analysts. Our analysts can help your organization meet its objectives through data monitoring, research, analysis and open source intelligence.

Average fee (for general and global issues)


non-exclusive (1)

exclusive (2)

more? Please, contact us, specify your needs, demands & budget


(1) the material you get from ISRIA is for personal use or for you company's only use. You have a 2-week exclusivity over the material. You can't reproduce, redistribute, or manipulate it in any form; except with specific authorization from ISRIA.

(2) the material you get from ISRIA is for any use you want. You have a 1-year exclusivity over the material (unlimited exclusivity is possible). However ISRIA still has the right to re-use the document for internal purpose.

For complex issues: please contact us

For instance

  • A financial analyst searched for information in order to assess the risk of an investment in an east-european country. Then, our analysts were in charge of providing him with a complete assessment's report. Due to our service, the company he works for made the right decision and saved hundreds of $millions of planned and risky investments.
  • A top political advisor asked our analysts to study a specific public opinion's reaction to a diplomatic project. He has been completely satisfied with having an external viewpoint and adapted the project according to the hot spots our analysts pointed out.
  • A daily newspaper asked for a global assessment of an ongoing conflict in Western Africa. Our material helped the journalists better understand the challenges and produce a 'closer-to-reality' report.

Realtime Consulting


This service makes possible to talk directly and real-time with our analysts about a specific topic through a secured chatroom (you need to download, install and subscribe for free to Skype). To access online consulting, three steps:

  • First step: arrange an online appointment with ISRIA via email : (replace AT with @); specify the topic you want to tackle and how much time you want to discuss.
  • Second step: ISRIA sends you an invoice according to your request and you pay in advance the time you want to discuss. Following the payment, ISRIA sends you a confirmation of the online appointment.
  • Third step: on the day and at the time planned, you connect to Skype following the instructions included into the confirmation's email. An analyst of ISRIA contacts you and then answers to your questions and discusses with you online.

Average Fee

  • Please, contact us, specify your needs, demands & budget

For instance

  • The CEO of an investment fund discussed 1 hour and a half about the political situation in Thailand. Our analysts made a pre-analysis in order to provide him with best and up-to-date information.
  • A military official discussed 1 hour about a strategic matter which could affect the outcome of current military operations. Our analysts made a pre-analysis in order to provide him with best and up-to-date information. Following the online discussion, this official asked our analysts to draft an in-depth analysis.
  • A student from a prestigious U.S. college discussed 1 hour with our analysts about the foreign policy of the European Union in order to add valuable information to his research paper.

Why you can trust us

  • Benefit from the advice from a reactive, professional and multiple-background agency.
  • Any task you request is made with most reliability and most objectivity.
  • Your request and/or discussion remain strictly confidential.
  • Our analysts are professionals: they don't provide with opinions but with analytical material.
  • Our analysts are sincere: they will never tell you they know if they don't.

Legal Notice

ISRIA and its analysts reject any request and/or a question which is considered too sensitive or contradictory to international security standards, notably related to countries' national security. ISRIA can't be held responsible for decisions you make following discussion and/or material you had from us. ISRIA acts as a strictly independent consulting company which provides you and/or your company with specific analytical tasks. Your request is for your own advice only; except with specific authorization; any material ISRIA provided you with remains the property of ISRIA and may not be reproduced, redistributed, or manipulated in any form.