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Broadcast and advertise

  • Increase your audience
  • Reach prominent persons
  • Create new opportunities

Who can advertise with us?

  • Companies (except of competing interests)
  • International Organizations
  • Career and employments' websites
  • Universities and colleges (with degrees related to international relations)

that have interests in the fields of international affairs, geopolitics, diplomacy, defense and homeland security.

Complete Pack:

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News Release Pack:

  • $300 (USD) for companies, ...
  • $99 (USD) for NGOs, Associations, ...

The fast-and-easy solution to broadcast your news release and make it known worldwide via our website and database.

News Release Pack is an easy 3-step procedure:

1- You send your release that needs to be validated by our editing staff. You must include complete contact information including a phone number.

2- Once your release validated, you pay online through a safe PayPal® link provided by our staff (Credit Card accepted).

3- Once payment is complete, your release is published on our website, added to our database, search engine and news feeds. A link on the homepage points to your release during 1 week.

I want to send my news release (replace AT with @)

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CP: included in Complete Pack
RP: included in News Release Pack

Make your company or offers known through our website and online publications with your ad (200*200 pixels GIF) view sample:

  • on our homepage (+$200 weekly and +$500 monthly; CP only)
  • on all our diplomatic pages (120,000+) (CP)
  • on our daily update (CP)

Reach a global audience of 100,000+ people* having a professional interest in political, strategic and diplomatic activities.

  • You get your own release published on our website and fastly accessible from search engines (CP, RP)
  • Your news release is delivered to our readers (CP, RP)
  • Your news release is available to thousands of other readers via news' feeds (eg. Google News) (CP, RP)
  • Your news release is directly accessible from our homepage during 1 week (CP, RP)
  • Your news release is freely available on our website during 1 year (at least), indexed into our search engine and added to our XML sitemap. (CP, RP)

*Notice for customers: an advertisement on ISRIA-related websites and products does not mean any endorsement or support. ISRIA is strictly independent and does not advocate any position. Only non-political ads are accepted. ISRIA can refuse an advertisement which would be considered inappropriate and/or non-compatible with its interests. Figures are based on recent estimates; traffic cannot be guaranteed.