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Minute-by-Minute Geopolitical Intelligence

For diplomats, policymakers, international business, the media and military and security personnel, timely geopolitical information is an absolute necessity. Now a global geopolitical monitoring service is making it easier to gather that critical information. In fact,'s service ( actually delivers up-to-the-minute world politics news and open-source intelligence directly to subscribers.

“ provides subscribers with a complete monitoring of relevant information dealing with global geopolitics and diplomacy,” stated Charles Rault, director of ISRIA. “Our service covers a broad range of topics, from foreign policy to terrorism to national security.”

One would be hard-pressed to find a more complete source of that sort of specialized information. services include the Weekly Letter, which bullet-points the week’s diplomatic news, provides an in-depth report on a global hot topic and recaps most strategic news of the week; the Daily Update, an online and e-mailed recap of the day’s top international and strategic news; over 120,000 pages of international geopolitical news archives; and the web site, which is updated around the clock, seven days a week.

Designed to save the user time by highlighting critical information, rises above the crowd of algorithm-driven data sorting services: it is a true information monitoring and reporting service, sorted and published by professional analysts trained to find and deliver the right information quickly.

“ puts up-to-the-minute geopolitical news at the service of our users,” Rault explained. “Our service consists of a combination of proprietary information and public domain information, chosen for maximum relevance.”


Founded in Paris in 2004, ISRIA is a consulting and information publishing service. The firm’s consulting arm focuses on information analysis, research and global intelligence. provides daily open source intelligence, public domain and diplomatic materials on geopolitical, security and world politics issues. ISRIA analysts are based around the globe, including in the U.S. subscriptions are available to individuals, information centers and organizations; the solution can be scaled to meet specific needs. For more complex intelligence needs, the company is available on a consulting basis. ISRIA is currently seeking to partner with publications interested in offering current and future readers with special joint offers. To learn more, visit